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Self Portrait

Over the past dozen years or so, my art has been exhibited several times in Arlington and Reston VA, as well as Washington DC. This includes a pair of one-person shows I was awarded for a central county library, a large community center project that was covered by The Washington Post, and a nightclub decorating gig.

Mediums I've enjoyed using include acrylics, watercolors, pastels (chalk and oil), ink & dyes, brush-pen, xerography, berries and beets.

A recurrent theme in my work is a fascination with exploring the boundary that supposedly separates abstract art from representational art. I tear down or undermine that boundary every chance I get. So, hopefully, you the viewer will be able to appreciate this art on a formal level as well as it being a picture of something.

I've also tried my hand at experimental photography--specializing in multiple-exposure, long exposure and motion techniques--and winning first prize in a county-wide contest.

I use the computer now to enhance and manipulate my original artwork, but I generally do not use it to make that initial artwork.

Look for my art on YouTube (CyclOpsteR channel). There are some really cool still-life video that transform salads and seashells into animated scenes.

For a roster of my various activities on the web, you can google "skearn on".

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