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27 Dec, 2014

Wonderful year with a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I stayed in a cabin by a creek and you could hear it running. Loved the weather and I went to a fun place called the Hatfield and Mc Coy's Dinner theater in Pigeon Forge. I got to be onstage with performers and that was fun


12 Sep, 2013

The year has passed fast and I had the opportunity to travel to Oregon and Pennsylvania. Beautiful landscapes and picturesque areas abound in both states. I have had work in several shows and at the fair this year. I still enjoy creating and seeing God's world.


03 Feb, 2013

I won an honorable mention on my photo of a bird's nest of cardinal eggs. It was a state winner in the Arkansas state Conservation photo contest. I was thrilled.. I have my artwork coming out soon in a book called "The Best of Artists Worldwide"


05 Feb, 2012

It's been a mild winter..I just went to a meeting in Orlando Florida and got to feel the warmth for a while there..i stayed in the Coronado Springs Resort and got to go to Animal Kingdom and Magic is wonderful to see the imagination that came from the mind of an artist called Walt Disney and how he made joy and magic for children and adults..


22 Dec, 2011

Wow, it has been an exciting 2 months..i painted outdoors with Lorenzo Chavez in November and in December entered the Arkansas Conservation state photo contest. I won 1st in wildlife,1st in plants,1st in cropland photos and the "Overall Grand Prize" winner in all divisions. I was thrilled. I love photography and as someone said I paint with my camera. Magical moments happen if you have it near. I like to take WOW photos and get an artistic impression. It is fun to see what you capture..


08 Oct, 2011

Fall has arrived and it is nicer weather...I painted with artists today. Our model was from Peru..It was fun to create and take the time to once again see through fresh eyes..everytime i paint from real life I learn something new...I have been busy putting my work in local shows and getting ready for a big show in November with the Pastel Society..


11 Aug, 2011

Hot in day 115... I went on a cruise to Alaska and had a wonderful time in July. Boarded the ship in Vancouver,Canada. I loved the old Gastown part of Vancouver and seeing the native art and totems. The skytrain takes you a lot of places and was very easy to do.. Alaska is beyond words to describe. Beautiful mountains and I loved Glacier National Park. It was breathtaking..Each area we docked in was unique and it suprised me how small the towns were. Juneau the capitol is not very big... I watched whales there and it was a magic moment to see them breach. God had created wonderful creations and with technology sometimes we don't stop and really see it... I hope we learn to pause and see the beauty wherever we live..and help preserve it. It is wonderful to be an artist and help others see what you observe in nature and to be able to express your feelings.. It is a great blessing..


25 Jul, 2011

The summer has gone by fast...Spain was great and it was nice to see the Mediterranean Sea and experience the spanish way of life..I did a painting en plein aire and it seemed as if I were in England because many English live or have holidays in Spain..


04 Jun, 2011

I am amazed my photo "Dreamland" won the 2nd International Photo Exhibition in the Swayam Art Gallery in Nepal...I am excited and very thankful. It is wonderful the people get to vote for the ones they think is the best. I will do some photography in Spain this month and I hope I will get some wonderful shots and get some creative art work done...


18 Apr, 2011

Spring has arrived... beautiful flowers and trees. This is my favorite time of the year. I made a trip in March to Las Vegas to go to a meeting of the EF exchange program. Vegas is interesting. I went on a gondola ride and to the Wax Museum. It was neat to see how artists create the likeness of very famous people. I have been to many wax museums but was always disappointed in some of the sculptures on display. However,Madame Trussaud's is excellent. Two of my favorites were Elvis and Shirley MacLaine. I stayed at Caesar's Palace. Wow what a large hotel..