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The KID'S @RT GALLERY is dedicated to opening young minds to the greatest of gifts..... CREATIVITY! Parents are among the world’s most passionate art collectors, saving their children’s artwork. ---Show off and share your child’s art work in the KID'S @RT GALLERY of ArtWanted. --- As an artist yourself please share the art works and artistic development of your youngest family members. All they need is the right environment to become creative wonders. By assisting and encouraging your child's creativity, you set the stage for endless opportunities for your kid's imagination and self esteem. IMPORTANT TIP: write down as much information as you can about the artwork of your child to be saved, including title, materials, date and grade WITHOUT GIVNG TOO MUCH AWAY ABOUT THE KIDS OVER THE INTERNET.... If possible, include details about what the child was thinking when doing the art, gleaned from your conversation. That will be enormously valuable years later, when the motivation behind the work has faded from memory. I hope that your children enjoy their time at the KID'S @RT GALLERY and find it to be a worthwhile experience. _______________________________________ *RULES: * 1) Please only download Art work of your children under 16. 2) ART MUST BE UPLOADED BY THE FAMILY MEMBER INTO THEIR OWN PORTFOLIO. 3) This group respects the privacy of kids who visit the site and will make every effort to keep the site "kid friendly." _______________________________________ Love & Light, OLGA VAN DIJK, admin. (For years Art & Music teacher at different International Schools)
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