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05 Aug, 2014


Dimensions in passions I am so lucky to live. I am Bursting inside with so much passion to give. It's flowing through poetry and in my paintings too. My insides are on fire with passion to give to you. What in life I have loved the most, I feel passion for. People, dancing, volunteering and oh so much more. Passion gives meaning to my life and certainly joy. It is who I am, have always been, even when coy. It goes to the very depth of my soul you will find. Emerges, fills my body, encompasses my mind. Turns my actions into passion in all ways there are. Becomes my guiding light, like heaven’s bright shining star.

Sharon De Vore


Ariella Star 06 Nov 2016

I love this painting, Sharon.

Christian Sanhueza 16 Dec 2016

Really good!!

Al Budarin 20 Feb 2017

This is so wonderfully done,beautiful Bold colours,fantastic Creation,

Sue Ann Givens 17 Jun 2017

Sharon De Vore your work is great! I Love all of them.

Ginger Olansen 16 Nov 2017

Sharon this is beautiful! Birds of paradise is one of my favorites! Thank you for answering my blog too! I am glad you liked the lessons. You are giving one by showing your art here too! You are naturally talented!

Ginger Olansen 16 Nov 2017

Sharon this is beautiful! Birds of paradise is one of my favorites! Thank you for answering my blog too! I am glad you liked the lessons. You are giving one by showing your art here too! You are naturally talented!

Marcus Matthew 15 Dec 2017

I just posted a comment (awesome Christmas tree) but i put an emoji of a tree but when i posted it came out as ?? Sorry

Ginger Olansen 30 Dec 2017

Beautiful Sharon. I love birds of Paradise. Super painting.


14 Mar, 2012


My painting is just a means to an end; for me, it's a way a message to send. When inside I feel happy and glad, my painting reflects it; it's not sad. It's a form of expression, you see. It's my song, my dance, my poetry.

It took all these years until this day came. It took all these years to kindle the flame. The vision inside lay dormant it's true, but it's existence is something I knew. Why all this time did it wait to emerge and take on this form and come with such surge?

I paint what I feel; I paint what I see. It comes from my soul because it is me. They say that beauty is in the eye. I put it on canvas; lucky am I. This is for sure, and this I do know; God gave me this talent for me to show.

Sharon De Vore


Beatrix Jahn 05 Apr 2012

Beautifully said, Sharon! I have the same feeling! xxx Trixi

Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 23 Apr 2015

This piece looks like a's amazing! The colors give you an inside/outside look and I love the texture in this art piece.

Ginger Olansen 02 Dec 2017

That painting is a very difficult one to do with those blinds. You did an excellent job. The shade texture and the scene in the window is great!

Sharon De Vore 02 Dec 2017

Thank You so much, Ginger, for your kind words on this. Thank you for looking here also. XO Sharon


06 Aug, 2009

Have you ever seen the sunset marking the end of the day? It's a truly gorgeous creation in every single way. The colors are so vivid and unbelievable too. Only God can create this palette for me and for you.

What exactly happens when the sun sets on the horizon? Does it take with it this day to let us know the day is done? And leave us with this collage of yellow, orange, blue and red To enhance our dreams when at night we go to bed?

Perhaps the sunset is our silver lining to help us through life; To make sure that we end on a strong note any day we have strife. How the beauty of our sunsets effect us, on us depends. Do you realize that each of our days begins as it ends?

Sharon De Vore


01 Jan 2011

East is Least and West is Best is a phrase to remeber how to add the magnetic deviation to a compass needle for heading orientation. The sun sets in the West. We learn in school if you go far enough West you will end up in the Far East. Somehow we know that the Far East has treasures in material and thought, colors and robes to brighten the dark conflict in the Near East which is behind us when we face the sun set. I am writing this just before dawn. Last night we put out candles in milk jugs around the local lake. One of the older park residents told a story about a coincidence involving Leonard Cohen and K.D.Lang at the Winter Olympics. then she told of visiting her sister in Baltimore and meeting a holocaust survivor. She read from a sheet the atrocities. We sang "Small world" and one other song. I walked home in the dark.


11 Nov, 2008

Living my Best

Each Day, I try to live my best. It's a challenge and it's a test. It is easy; sometimes it's not, but just one chance is all I've got. I may have glory and shame; Yes, my life is not a game.

Much I've to do before I die. I just do; please don't ask me why. Worthy I want my life to be; filled with meaning, don't you see? so that my time on earth is spent trying so hard to make a dent. Caring, sharing, and loving too; those things I also want to do.

I take each day; do what I can, and try to help my fellow man. Slowly so slowly my life will move right on up yonder hill. Then in time, things will fall in place. Yes, then I will have won life's race.

Then when my time comes, I will go happy, complete, because I know I've lived life full and did it well. And picked myself up when I fell. And if a little warmth I have left, noone should ever be bereft.

Sharon De Vore


08 May, 2008

Life's Prayer

May yours and my life on earth always be filled with self worth. May we all our talents give to this life that we live. May our days be filled with love like that of the mourning dove. And before we go to bed may we all our day's woes shed. In our mind may we be wise And see with other than our eyes. And our nights never know fright, because we always sleep tight. May we awaken each morn never feeling forlorn. And may we in our hearts keep a feeling of peace so deep. And always hold our head high simply because; there's no why. May our step always be light And our days without a fight. And may we live all our years absolutely without fears; knowing charity, faith, and hope, and all other ways to cope. May we grow old with a grace and a big smile on our face; Having lived always to our best even though put to life's test. When it comes our time to go All life's treasures may we know. May we none of these things miss, And be thankful for all this.

Sharon De Vore