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I am a Russian artist living in Ukraine. I hope that my website will help some people to view and enjoy the world around us and the world of ideas in a way my slavonic soul sees it. Well, I have got about 3000 pieces of art on my account. I call my style - inspirative art. It is the materialized world of ideas, ideals and associations. My favorite things to paint are: landscapes, still life, abstract compositions? portraits. I do various graphic design projects. I am ready to cooperate with anyone who takes care of my art. Art is manifestation of Soul, Thought is materialistic manifestation of Mind. Think, wish, believe and act to materialize the Idea. I would be much obliged to you for your answer, ideas, propositions, comments and any promotion of SASHA's art. Ready to cooperate in organizing my personal exhibition and selling my paintings on mutually beneficial terms. Contact Aleksandr Klyuyanov: [email protected] You are welcome: www.

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