Playing Cards

Card Project Overview

ArtWanted is excited to announce a new project to literally put your art into the hands of more people. We are planning to create several themed decks of poker-style playing cards that feature the artwork of our talented ArtWanted members.

The Artist Playing Cards project will help promote many of the great artists on ArtWanted and also bring ArtWanted to new audiences. Read below for all the details.

Project Current Status

The artist card project has been put on hold temporarily, due to other priorities for the company at this time. We don't have a date when this project will be finalized, but we will notify all members when that happens. Thanks for your understanding.

Product Description

Each limited edition deck will include the standard 52 playing cards, 2 joker cards and 2 promotional cards. This will allow us to feature 54 different artists with each themed deck that is created.

The cards will be professionally CMYK printed using one of the best card printers in the industry and feature an air-cushion finish. The cards will be packaged in a custom designed tuck box and wrapped in clear cellophane for protection during shipping.

Deck Themes

All the artwork in the entire deck will match a given theme. We have chosen the themes for the first two decks that will be created. These themes were chosen based off popularity of what is being uploaded to ArtWanted, image views on ArtWanted and other factors. The first two themes will be:

Deck 1 - Animal Artwork
Deck 2 - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Artwork

We hope this project will be very successful and lead to additional decks of different themes. This would allow even more artists to participate and share their talent with the world.

Submitting Artwork

The deadline has now passed for accepting artwork for this project.

Be sure to watch for future deck annoucements when entries may be open again.

Artwork Voting

The members of ArtWanted will help decide the final artwork chosen for the playing card decks. After all entries have been received, we will allow all members of ArtWanted to vote on the artwork submissions using a rating scale.

As only 54 artists will be selected for each deck, we will use this process to select the best artwork for each deck that is printed.

Voting for this project has ended.

Artist Selection

Those top artists that are chosen to be included in the playing card decks will be notified via e-mail. They will be given the option to accept/decline the invitation to participate in the project. These artists will then be required to provide ArtWanted with full contact information and sign a non-exclusive artwork release document, which is required by the printer to print the cards.

If a chosen artist does not respond in time, or declines the invitation, additional "runner up" artists will be chosen to take their place for the playing card project.



Project Funding via Kickstarter

Instead of having ArtWanted or the participating artists take the risk and fund the initial costs of the project, we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign for funding.

If you are new to Kickstarter, here is a brief overview of how it works. The card project will go live on Kickstarter with a funding goal to earn during the campaign (usually 30 days). Interested buyers (backers) pre-purchase one or more decks of cards, which is called a reward plegde. The buyer's credit card will only be charged if the project meets it's funding goal. That money is then transfered to ArtWanted to print and ship the cards to the backers. If the goal is not met, no credit cards are ever charged and the project is not created. This is why it will be important to get as much support as possible from our members on our Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is a great platform for projects like this and brings several additional benefits to the project. One of these benefits is that we can gauge the potential success of the project through pre-orders (backers) and we don't incur any printing costs if the project is not funded. Another huge benefit of using Kickstarter is to introduce the artists of ArtWanted to a whole new audience. The timeline for the Kickstarter campaign launch will be determined at a later date.

Tuck Box Printing

Deck Printing & Fulfillment

After the Kickstarter funds are delivered to ArtWanted, we will pay the printer to print the decks of cards and tuck boxes. The final printer has not been chosen yet, but it will only be one of the top playing card printers in the industry to deliver a high-quality product.

After the decks are printed, they will be shipped out to all the backers that pre-purchased the decks via Kickstarter. After all pre-ordered decks are shipped out, we will allow the remaining decks to be purchased online and shipped out to the buyers. It's also our plan to get the playing card decks sold through other online websites and retails stores.

Artist Compensation

Artists that are chosen to participate in this project and have their artwork printed on the cards will be compensated, which includes:

Estimated Project Timeline

The artist card project has been put on hold temporarily, due to other priorities for the company. We don't have a date when this will resume, but we will notify all members when that happens.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!
Additional details will be released as we get further into the project.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.