07 April, 2021


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This was mentioned in the general member discussions. Is there a way to clean up and possibly eliminate many of the groups that have been abandoned over the years? That way members will know which groups are active, up to date and possibly attract more participants. There seem to be so many dead groups and it makes things a bit confusing.



Lucia Stewart 20 Apr 2021

Cheryl, I think this has been a problem for a long time. I really do wish they would delete inactive groups.

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 22 Apr 2021

I wish they'd do a lot of things. LOL

jacqueline grace 01 May 2021

Are there group hosts? Being on redbubble for many years at one time ran great groups . Where 2 or 3 members that created or volunteered ran the group and chose if the art was in the right group and if it qualified to be featured or not. There were common and specific rules .

This worked out really well with featured weekly or monthly art having a place that could always be accessed . They changed things though and many great artists left .

Groups are important. Its like having a home where you are appreciated.

Just my 2 cents.

Fred Rousseau 01 May 2021

Is there a host?.......or a ghost? As with many of groups and websites and media as such,you never really know with whom and what you have to do.Could we get to know the ArtWanted Staff ?It is unpersonal not dealing with humans.It always feels as if a computer device has pre-"standard" replies to questions etc. Let us try to uniformly revamp our art sites and communication methods and show-windows.What are we afraid of?Afraid to learn from fellow artists and get things alive in the different groups.Artists that has this "better than thou" attitude never really grow or progress. I,for example,have personally experienced that if I help /assist other artists with their art sales,mine also reap the benefit thereof.Anyway,it is now past midnight here,so keep well...and keep the brushes working.