13 March, 2021

What Other Mediums Do You Work In?

Hi My ArtWanted Friends,

I was just wondering what other mediums you may work in? I'm primarily a graphite pencil artist but lately I've been loving my iPhone camera and have been taking photos of subjects that interest me. I don't consider myself a photographer by all means (mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing). I just like to take photographs of subjects I may want to draw at some point. I also want to try painting, airbrushing, and using colored pencils. What else do you like to use to create?



RQ Trietsch 29 days ago

Besides my wood creations using "primitive" tools due to lack of funds (overcome and adapt method), I use to dabble in photograph before the advent of digital took over. But when my old trusting SLR Pentax bit the dust I sort of lost interest. Being a retired construction worker, I pride myself in the fact that if you can design it with blueprints, I can build it. A lot of my past customers would let me have free range with my brick designs and concrete work. I do play around with pencil sketches and have done some spray-paint paintings. And last but not least, refinishing including redesign some of the wood furniture my wife buys at the thrift shops. Like brick, I dislike most wood furniture that is painted. I also do tile work as a part time side line for friends and their referrals

Rick Corbett 27 days ago

RQ Trietsch, thank you for your response. I admire wood creations, especially when made with "primitive" tools. I also admire those who can build something from a blue print. I also don't really like wood furniture that is painted, I feel that the piece loses its "character". Pencil sketches, spray painting, refinishing/redesign wood furniture, and tile work...WOW you sure keep busy.

Mark A. Lembo 27 days ago

I have always wanted to work with (hot) glass which isn't exactly the most practical! That said, I saw some interesting work done on glass which piqued my interest. I've always wondered what one of my abstracts would look like in stained glass (or maybe some kind of overlayed/layered glass).

Always good to be thinking fresh new ideas!

Cheers, MAL

Nira Dabush 27 days ago

Hello friends.. Well... From time to time, I use different media. Usually, one media inspires me to work also with other media... sometimes the very same subject. Since, for me personally, it is a different time of life, besides the covid... I work only in faster ways and smaller scale than usual., Less on the computer also because of a spy. Using more my mobile camera, yet prefer a digital camera, not a mobile. The abilities are different. Have yourself happy creating time without spy. Stay healthy!

Mark Peterson 25 days ago

Hi Rick, I started with a lot of pencil drawing and love to make collage work from magazines and such. I also enjoyed painting on cloth in the past. I was introduced to digital art with the computer in 2000 and have been hooked every since. I fell in love with digital and haven't drawn or painted since.

Vincent von Frese 25 days ago

Great discussion question. For me I liken myself to the film character Dr. No. A child asked Dr. No “Who are you?” The doctor replied, “I’m a scientist”. Then the child asked, “What kind of scientist?”. Dr. no replied, “I’m every kind of scientist!”.

Well that’s my way of explaining what mediums use. As an official “every kind of artist” I keep references and materials around my studio for most every kind of art pursuit. Since I worked as a sign maker and painter I had to learn wood working, silk screen, construction, welding, painting, golds leaf, special effects, and much more depending upon the job commissioned for. Innovation is the key in art. I look at a finished project as the result of a combination of mediums and skills to use them for the end effect. The customer pays for the end results and does not care about the means. The photo here shows a painting using abstraction to illustrate Steve McQueen on a dirt bike in the medium of enamel poster paints on canvas. The design came from my photos of films showing Steve in action.

Lucia Stewart 24 days ago

Hi Rick, great question. I am obsessed with painting, traditional paint on canvas, watercolors for smaller pieces like ACEO's and I am enjoying digital painting more lately. I have only recently started using Artrage on my iPad, and the best part of all is that I can still work when I'm not in my studio. My favorite down time holiday projects, is Paper Mache, its a great way to relax and unwind. I also love working with wood, I built my first table, refurbish old furniture pieces and make my own frames. Learning new skills take time and lots of practice. I try using my December holidays to take on new projects so I have time to study and practice new skills. My newest addition is making stickers of my artwork. Honestly, I feel so blessed to have a business I am truly passionate about. I think it is important for any artist to work in different mediums because it does impact your style and helps you grow. My background in drawing, ceramics, sculpture and textile design has a major influence on my work today. My advice is find the time to try something new! Exploring is good soul food! On a side note, have a healthy work and play balance, so don't forget to take time to nurture your friendships!

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 23 days ago

Hi Rick! I'm mainly a pen and ink artist (stippling), but I also love to stipple river stones in acrylics and create line art/color pencil illustrations. Everything I do is small, 11" X 14" and smaller. I love the fact that you take photos with your iphone. I'm right there with you! I take all of my own reference photos for artwork inspiration. We have many wild animal parks in my area that I visit frequently and I live in the woods with quite an elaborate flower garden - constantly snapping pics with my iphone. I'm no pro photographer either but I enjoy it and have captured some great stuff.

Joanie Holliday 22 days ago

Good question. I love working in oil, and paint on canvas, wood, sawblades. Anything that stays still. Also acrylics on concrete pieces etc. Love Also doing watercolors. Have done pencil and colored pencil. I prefer realism in my art. Been with AW a long time.

Joanie Holliday 22 days ago

I have a P. S. Also. I have always loved taking pictures. So doing photos is also something I greatly enjoy.