11 March, 2021

Why do some artist not want you to comment?

I can understand if you do not want to show comments... But why reject comments on your work?



Lucia Stewart 12 Mar 2021

Maybe, they don't want the emails or to feel obligated to reply. I don't think they are rejecting comments, they're just not wanting to participate, that's my guess anyway.

Rick Corbett 27 days ago

I agree with Lucia, some artists may not want to participate, choosing to use ArtWanted as a place for them to post their artwork only, which is OK but I believe that you really reap the benefits of ArtWanted by participating - to each their own. Great topic

Mark A. Lembo 27 days ago

Only the individuals can tell you that. It's great to get feedback from participants in these groups.

Lucia Stewart 24 days ago

Thank you, Rick, I feel if you want to put your work out there, it is encouraging to know how others feel about it! Of course, the best encouragement is when someone is willing to pay for your artwork!