26 February, 2021

When Less is More?

Providing our own critique of work we created is often a questionable undertaking for we are all subjectively attached to our own creative processes and history of that creative evolution. We may like something in particular because of the manner it which it was created! When, who, where, what and how it all came to be can be a major contributing factor. I see that some people here on ArtWanted.com have 100's of images and I wonder does that serve people better or worse?

When I use to carry my commercial photography portfolio around to Art Directors at advertising agencies, graphic design firms and to consumer and trade magazines publishers in Toronto and Vancouver 1985 to 1997, I often tailored that presentaion specific to the client or prospective client I was about to see.

My head spins at how the creative world has changed over the past twenty years. I use to marvel at some of my favorite shutter bugs of old like Edward Weston and Ansell Adams. Photographers like Deborah Samuel, Edward Gajdel, Shin Sugino and Art Wolfe of more recent years always captured my interests and were outstanding Artists Photographers requiring no Art Direction from anyone!

I think there may be great value in setting a limit on the total number of images that any member can show. It forces them to do two things! Choose the best of their work and second reduces the time for others to sift through their many creations. Would 50, 75 or 100 images maximum be considered appropriate? You would be amazed as to how a few marginal images can water down a great portfolio or body of work. If you need to edit down, request that two other people whose work you respect provide input when Less Is More!

Your thoughts?

Brian Wolfgang Becker



Rick Corbett 26 Feb 2021

Hi Brian

Great discussion. Yes, I do agree as well that less is more. Most of my work here in my Art Wanted Portfolio is my older work, though I am proud of what I have done in my younger years; I find it lacks maturity. Limiting the amount of images would force me to showcase only my best work. At the same time, I can see how being able to upload an unlimited amount of images allows me to be able to show my earlier works, allowing me to see how I have grown as an artist by seeing my pieces all together. I am emotionally connected to each drawing I have done, each piece is a stepping stone along a journey of self discovery, which I began 46 years ago when I first picked up a pencil. As I continue to create my art and upload it, I do so not for comments but to share my journey which once I reach the end of my journey, I can sit back and say to myself "I have nothing more to draw". Until then, I will continue drawing as much as I can and upload my work to ArtWanted, perhaps just one person will be inspired by my work, that would be an added bonus. I'm not sure if my rambling has anything to do with your discussion, but it's just my very humble 2 cents.

Mark A. Lembo 28 Feb 2021

Brian, I see your point. The 'Albums' feature on AW does allow artists to group the work into categories with a thumbnail providing a peek at what is inside. 10 albums with 10 works each should provide ample space to showcase a range of styles/periods and a selection of works per style/period.

As I understand digital marketing, we should be leveraging sites like AW to drive traffic to our websites and build/nurture contacts.

You may want to gather up a consensus and make a suggestion through the Idea Board.

Cheers, MAL