26 February, 2021

Is Photography Art?

Being a new member of ArtWanted.com who works in different creative mediums and ways these days, I feel that excluding photography as art is actually belittling a process that in its conventional form was over 175 years in the making. A highly skilled profession that some people came to master as both technicians and as visual artists. Those in the fiield of traditional painting on canvas, digital platforms or in mixed media seem to be considered as providing Art here on Artwanted.com.

The digital revolution has changed the process of image capture and presentation but not really the medium in terms of its creative applications. There have been many photographs taken that would not or should not be considered as Art but there are also many that should be. The same applies for digital capture , painting and mixed media or motion film and video production. Some is art and some is not.

What are your thoughts on this subject and issue of exclusion when it comes to defining art and what it should be or actually is?

Brian Wolfgang Becker



Rick Corbett 26 Feb 2021

Great discussion. I personally do feel that photography is art, especially when it's dramatic and emotional. Personally, I love black and white photos. There's something about the lights and darks that just pop for me. I find them more intriguing and exciting than color photographs, but that is my personal taste. I personally only take photos for myself as reference photos for drawings, I don't consider myself a photographer, but I love photography and those who do whatever it takes to get THAT one shot. Whether one creates art with a pencil, a brush, or a camera, the artist is still using their heart and mind to create that masterpiece or capture that perfect shot. This is just my humble opinion.

Mark A. Lembo 28 Feb 2021

Is not 'art' also in the 'eye of the beholder?'

Cave art, da Vinci, DuChamp, Dali, Warhol ... the breadth and depth of artistic expression is nearly limitless.

Lucia Stewart 01 Mar 2021

I feel that art is so subjective, and truly is based on personal opinions and feelings rather than on agreed techniques and or facts.

Mark Peterson 05 Mar 2021

Yes it is art... to say it is not is a person with a closed mind. I am a digital artist and not traditional so often I hear my work is not real... I enjoy what I do and am good at what I do so critics bother me not a bit. When you are creative that is your art. Don't ever let anyone say that your creative soul is less than their Art... no matter the media is yours!

Joanie Holliday 11 days ago

I love to paint and take photos. Which is truly an art also. As an artist sees so much on canvas or paper so a photographer sees differently behind the lens.

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 4 days ago

The way I see it, the person behind the lens is "creating" a visual image and photographs are protected by intellectual property law. So yes, photography is art.