21 February, 2021

The Art Work Created During COVID-19

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I recently joined on here at ArtWanted.com and have seen some very talented artists and great art work here when exploring the site. I am curious as to how COVID-19 has influenced peoples creatively over the past year. Did you draw from this pandemic which has altered life across the world or did you escape it and throw yourself into subject matter well outside of it to deal with our new realities? Could we set up a new Category on ArtWanted called 2020? A year of Covid-19 and not a year of perfect vision!

Brian Wolfgang Becker - Feb 21, 2021



Lucia Stewart 24 Feb 2021

YES! I did a complete series of Quarantine paintings, drawing from my personal experience and others during the lock downs. I will be posting them to my portfolio shortly, a few originals sold as soon as they were completed, so I was supper happy to stay home and create.

Scott Alexander Jack 18 Sep 2022

I became for active outside in photographing wildlife as we isolated from humans.

Fred Rousseau 13 Oct 2022

Dear Wolfgang.Besides being an artist etc.I worked for almost twenty years at a Faculty of Medicine at one of the foremost universities of the world.Covid never existed to me as I knew more about illnesses that is nothing new until politicians rename it and spread fake news and fear worldwide for there own evil purposes. Humans were patented to breathe.No brain can function optimally without oxygen.To create any form of art one need to get your brain to function.As an artist I filter all influences to myself by only utilizing those that are positive and worthwhile.Politics is not my line...and that was exactly what Covid was all about. For me to create art is to persevere and motivate myself to do decent and beautiful artwork that will inspire the onlookers and bring enjoyment.I do not wait for some mood to come along every now and again.I work every day...a full day...that is what life is all about.To wait for a good mood is to wait forever.Some of the world's best art were created during the world wars and other devastating circumstances and times.So...no...Covid had zero influence on my creativity.Many blessings.

Brian Wolfgang Becker 14 Oct 2022

Hi Fred. I fully agree about humans being patented or programmed to breathe but it's how we breathe that determines much about one's quality of life. Unfortunately Covid -19 was all about politics in the U.S.A. because the Republican Party made it so. Here in Canada it was largely about protecting our elderly, those with compromised health and largely our healthcare industry professionals and workers that were tasked with dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Without any medical industry intervention, COVID-19 might have knocked out 10% - 15 % of the world population and left many others with life long conditions based on having had COVID-19. I believe this based on the numbers of fatalities in Europe when it first broke out when there was no or little understanding of it from a medical point of view. Here all political parties were on board with protecting our population as best we could. Not for a moment do I fault our various levels of government for implementing what they felt was necessary based on science. Unfortunately the U.S.A. chose TRUMP as a President and for as long as he held any political power, the U.S.A. was in conflict with itself and far too many people died in the U.S.A. during the pandemic that may have survived otherwise.