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Em C King 22 Feb 2021

~Sacred Bleeding Heart Burning’z~ (Mixed Media; Acrylic Painting & Digital Artwork)

Dan Ault 16 Feb 2021

Mom and Dad in Colorado Watercolor

Rebecca McCullough 15 Feb 2021

The greatest love of all

X-Chel 27 Feb 2021

This is my entry for the Art of Love-contest (if it isn't too late to submit), and the image is called "La Trinité" or in plain English, simply, "The Trinity". The subject-matter of this image does, indeed, fall into the categories set for this contest by depicting lovey-dovey-stuff with a symbolical, philosophical and metaphysical content.

Ingrid Stiehler 16 Feb 2021

"Sense Of Togetherness", 100 cm 100 cm, Acryl on Canvas


It's always been in me, the sweet memories during my childhood days with my Grandma. She took care of me after my parents dissolved their marriage. Until today, her love showered on me is still as sweet as flower, even though I am no longer able to hold her hands any more. May my Grandma is at peace in the other world.

DULCIE DEE 15 Feb 2021

I am submitting "I love Central Park" painting done in oil pastel of a couple taking a lovely row boat ride at the famous Central Park Lake where the San Remo towers stand majestically on the Upper West Side overlooking the lake.

Aleksandr Klyuyanov 16 Feb 2021

Modnight for Two

Shanice FIGEROUX 19 Feb 2021


Helen Davison 16 Feb 2021

A typical depiction of love, the love heart. Conveyed here with lots of texture to give depth to the love shown. Also lots of light around the top of the heart to make it really shine and show how love can shine out from us when we feel it. This is an old painting, but one which always makes me feel happy and loved.

Glenn Ray 17 Feb 2021

Pepita Selles 15 Feb 2021

Gnomelorians comes in love,and all is well pop-art

Mixed media digital scanography

Suki Kaur 16 Feb 2021

Yi chun Lin 21 Feb 2021

" Gazing through the window" watercolor on fabric All is said in her gaze.

Lynn Taylor 16 Feb 2021