13 October, 2020

well I have been on this site investing huge amount of time

and all I see is comments from fellow artists in order to get points... it is very frustrating. I want to how and sell my art but all I see is just point collecting system from another artists. I think I had enough of this time wasting. I need to sell, and to show, not to compete here for the most active user account among another users. ;((((


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Fred Rousseau 13 Oct 2020

Dear Veera.Trust that you are well.I do agree with you in acertain way.All of us artists want to sell our art.Some to generate money,others simply for the satisfaction of getting their art to be appreciated by people...and have it hung in houses or collections. To sell art you need to create quality art that people would want to buy and appreciate.To do that you have to become noticed,whether by fellow members or site visitors.It is not always the art that is the reason why art sells but to a great extent the wellknown name and the reputation of an artist.You have to become a household name.How else would you improve your art sales.It is about marketing.A product,and art that is,could be of outstanding quality but if it is not marketed or exhibited it won't sell. So,even if it is just a point collecting system,or not really a selling site as such,it serves the purpose of exposing yourself and your art.Some artists persevere for many years before they become famous and rich.Few of the Old Masters ever became rich and a few more only became famous after Death.It is however every artist's right to become famous and rich.It depends how you go about it.So,don't become despondent,hang in there,we like you and your art as a fellow member.I did not post this message to get points,but to encourage you as a fellow artist.If you don't have the time to sell your art,pay someone a commission to sell it.Half,or three quarter of the cake is better than nothing. Warm regards.