25 September, 2020

Art Contests

We need a new contest its been a while!



Fred Rousseau 25 Sep 2020

Yes,we do!!But please could it be about art this time around.I think we all are sick and tired of politics,wars and crimes,and most of all of an artificially created virus that is so powerful that a mere puff of sanitiser could famously kill it off by just the swift rubbing of hands, Could we now leave the Gates of Hell and rather look at the Gates,Golden,that is,of Heaven,that is Life after Death......and move on to the Creative Side of Art,that is,Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.Come on,ArtWanted Staff,show us your Creativity. (Come on,Ginger....... Ginger do not Linger pull the finger and be the Singer. That is,Ginger,some suggestions from your side too regarding a theme for our next Art Contest.Regards All.

marie-claire gallet 26 Sep 2020

I agree with you, Ginger !!! We should have at least one for photography and one for art per month. This should ba minimum.

Fred Rousseau 26 Sep 2020

Yes.I agree.This will get the ArtWanted site more active.

Rick Corbett 26 Sep 2020

I believe that a contest is a great way to up everyone's game and I believe it would help to bring more participation. I can't wait to see what the next contest will be.