15 September, 2020

So few people are here

Hope you all can come back. Don't Know how much a couple of us can keep this up. We try to give POD and get a deaf ear. Not sure how much longer I will stay. I will miss you all.



Rick Corbett 18 Sep 2020

Ginger, I agree! I have seen a lot of artists sadly leave ArtWanted. I don't know why, not only does ArtWanted offer some really great features, but the community is also filled with so many great artists who I consider more than just friends, we are all a "family". I hope the membership numbers continue to grow and I hope to do everything I can to help promote ArtWanted as much as I can.

marie-claire gallet 20 Sep 2020

Yes, Ginger, a lot of our friends have been leaving AW and this is very sad. This is why I stopped my membership some years ago. At that time I had more than 3.500 pictures on AW. However, I joined the site again because I was missing my friends there., I think the mood is no more there and frankly speaking it is becoming a bit tedious. The site is really too SLOW and it takes hours to go and see the comments on the second page (if any lol), to give a Fav or Pod (most of the time I have to make several attempts), There are not enough challenges or art contests, twice a month would be more incentive ! One for photos, one for painting/drawing ! I don't like to make critics, but these are my feelings.

Drew 20 Sep 2020

Yes, there was a time many years ago when the forum was like a chatroom. Those days are long gone for many reasons.

Linda Hammar 03 Oct 2020

I am just wondering what it is you are keeping up? To me this site reminds me of grade school where we would have show and tell and you would bring something to show and say something about it. Looking and commenting is just something to do. It's really a social website for people who like to express themselves with visual arts. The quality of the art differs widely with beginners and advanced artists and photographers. It is a reflection society and picks up the mood of what is happening in the world. It would be nice if someone would buy something, but I think that seldom happens. There is a reason for the expression "starving artist." Don't quit your day job.

Drew 04 Oct 2020

actually, the Artwanted forum was a great place to exchange artistic ideas. Working with nearly a dozen talented artist from here, we pulled off some amazing collaborations.

Nira Dabush 04 Oct 2020

Ginger hello...The site was very busy in the past, in 2004,5, 6, etc.. it changes much due to several facts, to my opinion. Some come and go.. some meant to stay.. Most of the years I am a member I stayed.. sometimes doing breaks since of being busy in real life. People change too. sometimes it suitable sometimes not. Anyway... Reasons for people to leave are several.. changes in the look of the site in the past disturb many who left. Some left to bigger free sites. In my opinion, some strangers outside the site tried to control people in this site in such ways, that changed relationships, friendships too, Those tried to controlled artists, damage the site in allowing "peeing" and spying artists, to spy at my private life without I know..without I allowed it myself. it made many people run away. As I learned with the years, it was such a friendly and excellent site for artists. You can be or not be here.. since it should be your wish. You should know what best for you. As for myself personally, I loved the site years ago much more, before those changes, before people invade my privacy without my permission. And I post when I can.... or needed.. Not addicted to any site.. And I go for mutual friendship... Give and get. Get and give the same as for the comments, since I believe in fairness, not games of any kind. As a paying member ion this site, some ask themselves including me (16 years) until when should I pay... and especially you can view some members that were active, and gone, or died...some of their work or creations and MANY comments were deleted by the site.. Such a shame, and a mistake of this site, unfortunately. As long as you are here, I hope you enjoy the place. Stay healthy and safe all...

Nira Dabush 04 Oct 2020

Plus... This site should do those changes to bring back people or to arrange new people on this site, And to arrange similar atmosphere that was here.. And they should think it over to allow those who died or gone, to use the portfolio as was, especially in times of COVID19... Without deleting artworks. BEST WISHES.

Veera Zukova 04 Oct 2020

Today I spent 15 hours with one work promotion. Naming it, describing it, taking pictures etc. All day. I simply do not have time for anything else.

marie-claire gallet 07 Oct 2020

I think I shall not renew my membership when the time will come. Yesterday I put the picture of a bee in a nice pink flower !! 4 comments !! I have joinded another site for photographers, 43 stars and 39 comments for the same picture ! Nothing to add. I will be sorry to leave my friends there.

Anneke Hut 07 Oct 2020

I'm on all artsites (Redbubble, Fineartamerica, Instagram etc.), but I'm only active on this one. Why? Because here it's like the old slippers you just can't throw away. Maybe it's the remembrance of the past with all the friends. Some are not here anymore, but many are still here and therefor I stay, it's nice to see you all! :)

marie-claire gallet 08 Oct 2020

I understand your point of view, Anneke ! The problem is that I cannot spend my whole day in front of my screen and type. The new site I have joined takes me a lot of time as I comment the pictures of my contacts, I even cannot thank them for each of their comments. I also have other activities and above all my rehab for my bones. The last results of my petscan are very encouraging and the state of my bones has improved. So I have to manage my life as best as possible. I am still in contact with friends who are no more on AW and enjoy to exchange with them. I simply cannot forget them and put them out of my life !!!!

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 10 Oct 2020

This place used to be hopping back in the early 2000s and I loved it. I think there are just so many art portfolio sites now that Artwanted was drowned out. I have left a few times but it's so easy here now that I keep coming back to have a "home base" for my artwork. Maybe if Artwanted advertised more, we would all have better luck. With all of the new features and the cost, I bet advertising would bring in a lot more users. Or maybe Artwanted is so small, they don't have the staff to keep up with POD. I searched Artwanted on that Alexa marketing site and the views/ranks are wayyyyy down, mostly viewers from India. Being in the US and familiar with intellectual property theft on the internet, that is somewhat worrisome. It's so sad because we have a LOT of great talent here. Maybe if we all ask for more advertising, the traffic will start moving. ??

Nira Dabush 16 Oct 2020

Anneke... I very much agree with you... IT's very the same for me, different sites though.. Marie... I would say to you several things... first, enjoy where you are, and I wish you all the same as for me, the safety of privacy-first... then all activities are much better. I think in this case each should and must inform the others must. I am glad that you have so many comments.. it was once here too... yet the site seems "SLEEPY" For several reasons.. Such a shame... ! There are issues that are in the "hands of this site organizers.. " but some things are in our hands. And our wish to make this site ALIVE. The ability to correspond freely without a spy, is very important and must come first.. I don't think any of the reporters that watch, me in private life even typing my words here.. should continue to "look after us"... it's the biggest mistake. Like those claim to peace, and do the opposite... take people privacy... "in the name of crime" Marie.. why do you think you have to post many images per day and comment, therefore.. You should think first of your bones, hands and calmness... It is better to post as much as you can... post an image per day... it will be easier for you,.. whether you are here or there. ANYWAY. The site should allow, the portfolio, with all it's images, even if the member decided not to pay premium services. They should not delete images if the artist left the site... after all, the artist pay while here. The site should arrange a portfolio... that is so safe, and protect the artist, from seeing their computers or their privacy, by sick people, or any addicted people, that lost their time in spying. After all TIME And privacy come first. With the years.. I learn I post, when I can, since of my own priorities. I always know, that MY PRIVACY MUST COME FIRST WITHOUT PEEPERS. Outsiders of this site should be avoided viewing us, in all ways.. No matter who they are,,, or their academic degrees... NOr their professions.

There is much missing in some of us, to what was... that not all of us can understand it. I don't think it will ever be as it was.. But at least, and I said it before.. The stuff or those can do the difference for this site, should try to make changes, understanding their mistakes of the past, for examples doing changes in the site... :-) ... You can ask someone to be or not to be here... since those do, what they see as correct from them for all reasons. For myself, since I've been through too much since the internet, and I really don't think that, people all kinds of should see me, typing right now, or reading my secrets... nor my mobile, or TV... I thought... I will do, what I need or enjoy doing... I am ignoring stupidy and evils of a spy in my privacy. Why do you think Mr, Dani, or Dana (reporters - example) Doctors... Ordinary or extraordinary people...Should read my words... WHY?I have NOTHING With them really.... ? OR others ?... Waisting their time. At this time... What is more important to hope for a cure of covid... and later back to complete safety of private life.

Nira Dabush 16 Oct 2020

Thinking of it... Even the look of the message boards was much more friendly once... :-)