15 September, 2020

So few people are here

Hope you all can come back. Don't Know how much a couple of us can keep this up. We try to give POD and get a deaf ear. Not sure how much longer I will stay. I will miss you all.



Rick Corbett 2 days ago

Ginger, I agree! I have seen a lot of artists sadly leave ArtWanted. I don't know why, not only does ArtWanted offer some really great features, but the community is also filled with so many great artists who I consider more than just friends, we are all a "family". I hope the membership numbers continue to grow and I hope to do everything I can to help promote ArtWanted as much as I can.

marie-claire gallet 22 hours ago

Yes, Ginger, a lot of our friends have been leaving AW and this is very sad. This is why I stopped my membership some years ago. At that time I had more than 3.500 pictures on AW. However, I joined the site again because I was missing my friends there., I think the mood is no more there and frankly speaking it is becoming a bit tedious. The site is really too SLOW and it takes hours to go and see the comments on the second page (if any lol), to give a Fav or Pod (most of the time I have to make several attempts), There are not enough challenges or art contests, twice a month would be more incentive ! One for photos, one for painting/drawing ! I don't like to make critics, but these are my feelings.

Drew 18 hours ago

Yes, there was a time many years ago when the forum was like a chatroom. Those days are long gone for many reasons.