09 September, 2020


There is probably a problem. Some of my friends recently posted 2 or 3 times the same comment. I left them on line so you can check what is happening. I don't know if I am the only what which has noticed this. Thank you for your help.



Ginger Olansen 11 days ago

Usually I think, it is that the internet stops, or the provider is held- up. People get impatient and click again, but who knows! it is smart you wrote aw.

Fred Rousseau 6 days ago

Well,welcome to the real world.That is the modern world,the new one of corruption,lock down with artificially made virusses etc.,load shedding/power outages etc,etc. Here in South Africa everything is haywire nowadays and internet and everything virtual or electronic seems to be upbeat.So things could happen in triplicate,slow motion,etc.etc.So best be in typical artist mode.....relax.Don't rely on the media and computers...go back to paint and brushes.They are at most times quite reliable and if used correctly and well cared for will give you many years of good use.I think ArtWanted are just as frustrated as we are with the electronic world.

Rick Corbett Yesterday

I noticed that I too have had comments repeated multiple times...i also noticed that if I reply on these repeated comments that my reply also gets repeated on each of the repeated comments. Very interesting, I'm sure it's just a glitch somewhere - a computer hiccup so to speak lol