17 August, 2020

Where is everyone? Have we had a severe drop in members?

I am getting lonely here where is everybody, Working? Hardly anyone submit photos, Please come back! I miss you all!



Fred Rousseau 17 Aug 2020

Yes.I miss you too.The problem with us earth dwellers and human beings are that we get drawn away from everything normal and enjoyable by a bunch of liars,thieves and corrupt politicians with their artificial virusses and other gimmicks.It is high time that we start producing photographs and art that is timeless and enjoyable and could inspire the onlookers.Art that is not about politics and crap but art that is fine art.No,you did not catch on what I just said.Fine Art and Photography.Why was it named fine art in the first place......because it is refined.A lot of hours of hard work goes into creating art that would stand the test of time.That has value.Not art and photography that was rushed over just to get it completed.Work of Excellence.Do less art and photography but do better art and better photography.Something to think about?Yes,I miss you too.Kind regards and best of wishes to all members.

marie-claire gallet 19 days ago

I have also noticed that many members have left AW!! This is very sad !! I personally find that the site is very slow and that it takes hours to upload the old photos of a member !! The quality of the pictures is quite good tough. Yes, I am also missing my old friends there !!

Ginger Olansen 11 days ago

Thank you Fred and Marie for answering. I agree with both of you. Come in once and a while! Thanks for your two comments!

Fred Rousseau 9 days ago

Many good wishes.Sometimes I just miss the Good Old Times when things were not so saturated with hate and politics and fear and everything negative.When I am at my best....in my humble studio with quality music in the background,the smell of oils and artist terpentine and I can just let my creativity go and create art from my inner being,live my passions and emotions....anyway,lots to do.I love to "Burn the Midnight Oil" and work long devoted hours.

RQ Trietsch 7 days ago

Haven't gone any where. The muse is in hiding at the moment. Not to mention a lot of distractions lately. Politics, weather and fires and smoke. But nothing I do, wood working wise ever gets done in a timely manner :)