06 August, 2020

No Subject

I recently had the gallery remove a drawing of a semi nude from my portfolio because it was showing her breast now i was browsing some the groups and found some of the artists were allow to post nudes there what’s up with that



Nira Dabush 07 Aug 2020

According to AW Rules.. You can post nudity without showing "sensitive organs ".. I mean you should simply put something to hide her breasts.. Like square. It's about censorship. Or not post in this site nude. I think they are right.. some members are religious or conservative. Good luck, in posting according to their rules. Happy safe weekend Ray.

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Aug 2020

To answer your question Ray, everyone on ArtWanted needs to comply with the same rules. However, we don't review every image before it's posted online and the website is 21 years old, so there are many images in the past that may have been overlooked by our moderators. If you see an image that breaks the rules of ArtWanted, you can use the "Report to Staff" icon next to the larger image to let us check it out.

Fred Rousseau 12 Aug 2020

With any good art presented a good artist will adhere to rules and rules and art principles.Art has basic principles to make its standard and quality acceptable to the onlooker.If it is not of good standards people would not like it or even reject or critisize it.It is much like writing.The point of writing is that it should be readable.To make it readable it also has to be done according to certain basic rules.If your lettering is made that nobody can read it, it makes no sense.Authors that are skilled know that they write books,stories etc,for other people to read and understand.If only the author understands what he/she has written what is the point then of it all.It is the same with art.Artists express their feelings and passion and observations with their artworks...but the principles of art needs to be adhered to.To be appreciated,to be understood by the onlooker and to give it value and make it sellable.Although we all have different styles and tastes the basis must be there.We all have a different style of handwriting,some smaller,some larger,some more crooked etc,but if we do not use the letters of the Alphabet,nobody can read it.With art it is much the same,make it readable,visually exciting but acceptable to human standards.There are nudes and nudes but it is all about clever and decent and subtle presentation.Good luck.Just a few thoughts.