24 June, 2020

Hello from Nira..

I am not available in internet since having terrible back pains.. Just to say hello to all who wondered perhaps,.. I will post when these pains will gone.. Stay all healthy happy and safe always. With Love and peace.. Nira.



Nira Dabush 24 Jun 2020

Since I dont turn on the Pc... Until I come again.. bye for now..

Joanie Holliday 27 Jun 2020


Vernonette Gaddy 02 Jul 2020

Take Good Care Nira One Day At A Time. I am very sorry about your back pain. You are in my prayers for fast healing. Look forward to you posting again when you are feeling better.

Rick Corbett 03 Jul 2020

Nira, I hope you feel better. I am so sorry to hear about your pain, my thoughts and prayers go out to you that you receive comfort and relief soon.

Nira Dabush 04 Jul 2020

Thank you all of you.. still must rest from the computer... Be well safe and healthy dear friends. Peace and LOVE, For those care....

Rick Corbett 04 Jul 2020

Rest Nira, your friends are here thinking of you. Peace and love to you as well.

Nira Dabush 06 Jul 2020

Rick thank you again.. and I know.. you are right. THanks Joanie.. and thank you Vernonnete.. Best wishes, PEACE AND CLOVE.

marie-claire gallet 29 Jul 2020

Ohhhhhh I just find your message today !! Hope you back has recovered, Nira !! I know how painful it can be. In my case, the chemo is helping, but the best is what we call balneotherapy (exercices in swimming-pool with a medical coach) !! Wish you all the best, my friend !! Hugs !!!

Nira Dabush 30 Jul 2020

Thanks Marie.. I was having TERRIBLE Pains... I feel much better. I could not sit, at all, the only thing I could really do is rest in bed.... which helped. I could not stand the pains. It was too difficult. I took pills to reduce the pain, and very very slowly it improves, All the best to you and yours.. and especially safe privacy to all of us. Stay healthy.

Linda Hammar 03 Aug 2020

Hope you feel better because pain is so draining. I, too, suffer with back and joint pain from surgery and I think an overactive immune system. Rest and breathe slowly and think of happy memories.

Ginger Olansen 03 Aug 2020

Hope you are feeling better! Take care.

Nira Dabush 04 Aug 2020

Dear Linda. Thanks for visiting. I feel better... though the sitting in the car, bringing the pain again.. I put 2 pillows there.. it helps.. yet I someti8mes forget to put them :-) THe sitting at the computer with pains is also , not recommended for me. At least in these days of COVID19, I can sit to paint... ...... .... I took a break from putting my stuff in boxes since we must repair our apartment.. that's due to COVID19. Ginger thank you again, I hope you are well yourself. Kind regards to all of you dear friends.