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06 April, 2020
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DESCRIPTION: The topic for this art contest is HOPE. There is a lot of sadness in the world right now, due to health issues, death and the economy. We thought it would be a good idea to have a positive art contest about HOPE. Submit any photo or artwork that has a message of hope to others.

VOTING STARTS: 20-Apr-2020

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Artwork or photographs can be submitted for this contest.

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Loren D Adams 06 Apr 2020

[email protected] "Cloudburst on Golden Shores" 27"x 24"x 15" original one of a kind hand painted, gold gilded 3-D wood carving… This is the artist's own original new Art-form: The Stabile Objet d'art. A 3 sided sculptural painting In progress since 2001 - completed in 2014. This particular stabile is titled: "The Ode to Joy" homage to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Junior Mclean 06 Apr 2020

I'm interested in entering this contest.

I made this artwork in 2009. It reflects hope in people's hearts.

Noelle Rollins 06 Apr 2020

At the end of March I checked in with my sisters via text. They are both nurses. I wanted to make sure they had the protective equipment and wear that they needed, and also do a mental and emotional health check in with all that is going on in the world right now.

My sister sent me a photo of her in her full protective wear. It made me cry. In a very personal way, things just got really real. This mom of 5, my sister, shows up day after day to care for others. Even in the midst of a pandemic. I found myself feeling so proud of her. Then I found myself scared for her. My tears flowed as I felt every feeling in between.

Mostly, I felt gratitude that people like her (and my other sister) are here. The caretakers. The ones who make sure to hold it all together even in the midst of chaos. This artwork is my way of saying thank you. My way of using art to bring people together, to draw attention to amazing nurses (and all those in the medical field). Those medical workers give me hope.

Gary Glass 13 Apr 2020

Will Keleshis 19 Apr 2020

Afterwards a time of darkness in the night. This flower has opened in the early morning bathed in the rays of the sun. Personally, during a time of seeming hopelessness, that moment became a forebear of hopefulness. For which hope did later come. Hope be to all. WK J

cervantes wu 14 Apr 2020

Dandelion can carry hopes to distant places where more dandelions will grow up.

Ratko Torma 06 Apr 2020

Confrontation - oil on canvas

Fred Rousseau 17 Apr 2020

Dear ArtWanted Staff.Trust that you are well. Herewith my entry for the HOPE contest.My painting is executed in genuine oils on canvas with size 610 x 454mm. Two Zebras dance under the rainbow and their bodies partly take on the colours of the rainbow,as does the chess boards,The colours of the rainbow numbers seven (7),which number is also hidden in triplicate in the painting. The theme of the painting is that one should always use the brief moments or short periods of happiness, joy or contentment in life to its fullest while possible.Also not to concentrate on the storm threatening on the horizon.Life is after all a game to be played like a chess game.Wrong decisions have its consequences.There is however always a way out and a road that could lead you somewhere better provided you have faith and above all HOPE.New horizons of HOPE. A rainbow by itself is also a promise of HOPE that the earth will never again be inundated by water.A promise by our Creator that always appear as the storms pass over.

Kevin Smith 14 Apr 2020

The beginning of a new day, bright with promise, will be there for us.

Elena Sokolova 06 Apr 2020

Sicilian sunset, hope to see it again, oil, canvas, 40 cm x 50 cm

Thomas Curry 09 Apr 2020


Sue Johnson 06 Apr 2020


Francie Aguilera Simonson 07 Apr 2020

This beautiful cala lilly is in my front yard. Spring is a time of hope for all!

Melissa Barrett 09 Apr 2020

Sacred Heart of the Divine. Graphic design.

Pictures from GI ART 12 Apr 2020

Hope helps to live and believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday!

STAN SWENSON 06 Apr 2020

"SunBreak" A light breaks through in the darkness that surounds us at times.

Susan Willemse 06 Apr 2020

Hope Rainbow Lorikeet was created when I was struggling with CRPS in 2016, pain that developed when I realised preventing cancer was not cost effective to some and Australia did away with its cervical screening Pap smear program and built a palliative hospital instead in Canberra, waiting on a 2 year pain specialist waiting list- I tried Art therapy to walk after DVT in my leg, now Hope rainbow Lorikeet gives Hope during Covid-19 as I treat recently diagnosed cancer ironically after diagnosing it for 31 years myself in others. I thank those that diagnosed it, for the poster outside the hospital surgery waiting room that led me to help, the hospitals trying to cope with 1187 day surgery waiting lists here in Canberra, Australia and the medical staff that know what I know. I know with 100% certainty it is worth while preventing cancer from killing with early diagnosis and treatment and screening tests for I am lucky to have this diagnosed early after the fire pollution in Canberra this past summer- toxicity that triggers cancer to develop quicker and become more aggressive. It is not cancer and Covid we are fighting but the lack of health facilities in the world now. Fly towards the light too for once we emerge from the darkness this issue will be one that will be addressed in the future, for Covid-19 has shown that viruses don't discriminate and neither should we. Hopefully medical facilities and services will be provided for all people in all communities worldwide in the future with no discrimination, waiting years for treatment leads to pain and death, the idea of only providing for the private medically insured is not acceptable when every person pays rates, taxes and medicare levies for these facilities- towards a medical specialist waiting list free world, a world with compassion and not only cost savings and profit! A healthy population is a hopeful population and a economically secure one! Hope Rainbow Lorikeet trying to say so much...

Georgina Devlin 06 Apr 2020

Self isolation

Wendy Allen 07 Apr 2020

Tatjana Prelog 12 Apr 2020

A new day is comming into the wasteland covered with ash and there's new life beginning to emerge and so, there's hope.

Artwark created with Bryce 7.

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