29 March, 2020
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

5 Tips for More Exposure & Art Sales through ArtWanted

This is a challenging time for the world due to the outbreak of COVID-19, especially for artists that rely on income from shows, galleries and in-person events that have been cancelled. We sympathize with those that have lost income or faced other difficulties due to the recent changes in our world.

We wanted to put together a list of 5 tips that can help our members gain more exposure and increase their chances of art sales. People are spending more time online than ever before, so it’s time to enhance your ArtWanted portfolio to capture those eyeballs.

1. Add More Keywords

When you upload a new image to ArtWanted, you have the option to add keywords/hashtags associated with that image. Searching by keywords is the most popular way that potential buyers search for art on ArtWanted. If you don’t add keywords to each image (or only have a few) you are missing out on the majority of the visitor traffic that could be viewing your artwork.

Your keywords also help your images get discovered on Google and other search engines, by people not even on ArtWanted. When adding keywords, you should use a dozen or so words that describe the subject, style and medium used in your artwork. 32% of the artwork on ArtWanted has no keywords, so don’t let that be your artwork.

2. Upload Daily

Every image you post to your portfolio has the potential to attract new fans or buyers. It’s much better to upload 1-2 images daily, than a huge bunch of images on a single day. Daily uploads allow your artwork to be seen by more people, because it spreads your uploads over a longer period of time of website visitors.

Also, you should not upload more than 3 images in a single day, because only the first three images you upload will show up on the daily uploads page (a very popular area of ArtWanted).

3. Improve Sales Descriptions

For those that want to sell your artwork on ArtWanted and do your own fulfillment, adding proper descriptions of your artwork for sale is critical. When you indicate an image is for sale on ArtWanted, you have the opportunity to add your own price and description of what is being sold. We have seen so many bad artwork sales descriptions that are very short and omit critical details like the size of the artwork being sold, what medium was used, what type of material the artwork is printed on, etc.

No one will purchase your art if the only sales description they have is the title or subject of the art. Buyers want to know the exact size of what they are buying, if it’s an original or reproduction, is it physical art or a digital download, the medium used to create the art and what type of material it was created/printed on. The better your description, the higher chance you have of making a sale. We suggest you review how you are describing your art to a potential buyer and make changes to enhance your description.

4. Categorize Your Images by Subject & Media

Another popular way your art can be discovered is by those that are searching for artwork that matches a specific subject or media they are interested in. If you forget to categorize your images with a specific subject or media, you will miss out on that traffic for those that are searching that way. Every image you upload should be categorized using these simple drop-down choices to gain maximum exposure.

5. Post to Social Media, with Links to ArtWanted

If you are not already using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to promote your artwork, you should be. There is an audience of millions of potential fans and buyers that you are missing out on if you are not actively using social media to promote yourself. You may not be personally into using social media during the day, but your potential fans are. Some prefer Facebook, some prefer Instagram, some prefer other sites, so you have to be on all of them to reach the largest audience.

However, these popular social media websites can’t give you everything that a personal online portfolio can give you. Because of this, you need to use BOTH social media and your portfolio with ArtWanted to cross promote each other.

Post your artwork to ArtWanted first, then use the quick share buttons to re-post your art to social media with a link back to the ArtWanted image. This allows interested fans/buyers on social media to link to your ArtWanted page where they can read more about the art, see more of your portfolio, view purchase options and much more. Also, add your social media sites to your ArtWanted settings to link the two platforms together.

We hope you can apply these five tips to your ArtWanted portfolio to increase your artwork exposure and sales. We will all get through this crazy time and things will return to normal soon. Let us know in the comments if you like these tips and would like to see more.



Fred Rousseau 01 Apr 2020

Dear ArtWanted Staff,Thank you for the 5 tips to improve my art sales.They are very helpful.Kind regards,Fred

Brooke McGowen 02 Apr 2020

Good idea to get posting instead of staring out the window all day!

Ginger Olansen 02 Apr 2020

Thanks so much for these great tips, for me the hardest it doing the key words, have trouble thinking of items!

Belinda Walcott 02 Apr 2020

Thanks so much for the five tips. Really perfect advice that's probably quite useful.

Nancy Price 02 Apr 2020

Thank you! I didn't know that about how many should be posted in a day. I don't have that many yet but it's all good to know.

J Kong 04 Apr 2020

Good idea!

Cheryl Riley 15 Apr 2020

Thank you, good advice

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 16 Apr 2020

This is all great news to me. My one main question is regarding the copyright sign posted with my artwork that I upload as much as possible??

Angella Reynolds-Screen 01 May 2020

Thank you ArtWanted for the great tips.

Audra Barton 14 May 2020

What quick share buttons?

Dale Newman 09 Jul 2020

I found this very helpful and much appreciated.