26 February, 2020

Please join me for a moment of prayers for world healing

My thoughts and prayers are spreading throughout all world. Wishing for World Healing of the CoronaVirus Disease. Finding very fast solutions, and remedy for this disease. Thinking of all those people around the world affected by this illness. My deepest sympathy and sadness for those lost family, life, at this time. Those lives that were taken by the Coronavirus RIP God Bless. Please give the cure to the people of the world who got sick.

Please take the time to pray for world healing. Love and peace. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.



Anneke Hut 26 Feb 2020

Thank you Nira, I agree with your words and hope everybody will join in prayer. Jesus told us, we may all go to God with our worries.

Nira Dabush 26 Feb 2020

Thanks for joining dear Anneke.. I pray to our God, Elohim, Hakadosh Baruch hu... and you pray to Jesus. A matter of belief... :-) together we have more power of prayer. May all gods of the universe join together to create HEALING. ( I' ll remind you that I am Jewish...