04 October, 2019

Problem with login with web page name

Art wanted I have been a member 2004.

When I login to ArtWanted portfolio website URL: ArtWanted.com/Jude, I get Jude Nagurney Camwell's web page. This has been happening for a long while I thought it was a glitch that would work its self out.

Recently my email was hacked, When I try to change my password here the site will not let me because of the conflict with the URL: ArtWanted.com/Jude going to another member.

I am not claiming that the hacking was from this site. The day I was hacked also was logged in here, and I had not logged in on that day. That is why I was going to change my password. Again not saying Hacking came from this site.

Please email me with a solution to this problem,