24 May, 2019

Work in Progress Images


I am a self taught artist, I learn most by lots and lots of practice, trial and error, and by watching other artists. As I create my work, I like to take lots of work in progress pics. I was wondering if it would be alright if I create a Work in Progress Album on my portfolio page and post my Work in Progress images with a description of my technique and processes as I go along. I am currently working on a new portrait and have started taking work in progress pics that I would love to post and share but am not sure if it's allowed? I don't see too many work in progress images on ArtWanted which is why I'm asking if it is alright or should I just post the finished drawing when it's complete.



Mark Peterson 25 May 2019

You are more than welcome to show work in progress... many artist do that here. With a premium account you can also show this without having to create another album.

ArtWanted.com Staff 30 May 2019

Mark is correct. Work in Progress images are very welcome. You can also use the "Project Images" feature to show multiple images of the steps you did as you created the image.

Barbra Drasby 01 Jun 2019

Great discussion! I like using blogs as an art journal of sorts. What I like about blogs is I can add text, audio, video and images. The posts are automatically dated. I can even add a carousel using a programs such as Google Slides to display a rotating presentation from the beginning to the end of the process.