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Wes Schuelke 17 Apr 2019

New to Art Wanted, but I thought that I would give it a try, Any thing could happen , so I will roll the dice. Thanks for the chance, will enjoy everyones art work, thanks, again.

Scott DuBar 09 Apr 2019

Spring fever is in the air for these two kissing bees...

Bill Lishinski 09 Apr 2019

“Spring Thaw”

cervantes wu 29 Apr 2019

The title: Spring Dream

Diana Bledsoe 11 Apr 2019

Please replace previous submission.

Nikolay Semyonov 09 Apr 2019

"April is the cruellest month... "( T.S. Eliott) . I'd rather say April is the lucidest month because the light penetrates everything before foliage develops. This shot was made on one of the city's main streets. Rostov-on-Don. Postwork in Corel Painter 2019

Zofia Wilamowska 10 Apr 2019


johnnita woods parker 15 Apr 2019

Lillies in Green. Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 16 Resin finish.

Kim Reid 09 Apr 2019

About this Illustration: "Rainbow Redwoods, Everyday is a Gift" This painting composite is watercolor with colored pen and ink. It features hand-done calligraphy in silver enamel on the words in the sky. This additional touch is done on every limited edition print. A series of 200 have now been released. This art was done from the artist's imagination to capture the view of an ancient sequoia forest next to an open meadow. Notice the Roosevelt elk calling. The ink rendering took many months. Various views in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and Redwood National Park encouraged illustrator Kim Reid to paint this imaginary scene. The artist feels Humboldt, Mendocino and Del Norte are the most beautiful areas in the Pacific Northwest. Amazing rainbows found here! -- Print cost: $40. Purchase 11"x14" Limited Edition Print from a series of 200.

Judith Bicking 09 Apr 2019

Spring Artwork Contest entry

Stefani Wehner 09 Apr 2019

Here my digital entry for " spring artwork", called Japaneese spring. Hope you enjoy!

Ammulu . 23 Apr 2019

Spring nature art...

Emma R 26 Apr 2019

"Cherry Blossom tree landscape" Watercolor painting

David Benjamin 09 Apr 2019

Spring Run-off.

reuven dattner 10 Apr 2019

sharon sieben 09 Apr 2019

ammulu Swapna 23 Apr 2019

Spring hand art...

Tiffany Pacileo 09 Apr 2019

Hummingbird Heaven

Claire Sallenger Martin 12 Apr 2019

SPRING BREAK is a whimsical composition of teens looking for a place to land on the sandy beach.

Kevin Anderson 23 Apr 2019