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Keren Gorzhaltsan 19 Feb 2019

Late Fall - oil/canvas

gerard bahon 19 Feb 2019

Symphony in the Wood

Michelle Crumrine 19 Feb 2019

Birch Forest Initialed by Michelle Crumrine

Zofia Wilamowska 19 Feb 2019


A cat sleeping on a tree

Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14

Malcolm Coils 20 Feb 2019

Through the trees

Vesna Longton 20 Feb 2019

Vesna Longton Storm 24X36 acrylic 2018

Natalie Eckman 22 Feb 2019

Dan Ault 22 Feb 2019

Title: Hadrian's Olive Tree

Dave Strong 24 Feb 2019

Here is my DCR Comic for the Tree Contest. Enjoy!! Dave Strong.

Bethany Jackson 24 Feb 2019

Wildfire. Origional watercolor 5x7.

Lindsey E. Bates 24 Feb 2019

"Fertile Knowledge" 4' x 3' mixed median composition centered-around the connection between African-Americans and our African brothers and sisters. The witch tree represents the connection regardless of the generations of separation between us.

cr broyhill 26 Feb 2019

Zaidin Abadi 28 Feb 2019

A Palm Tree

Sarah Ruest 28 Feb 2019

Abhishek Rammohan 28 Feb 2019

done in coffee and ink only

William Bonilla 02 Mar 2019

HELEN LISHER 03 Mar 2019

Hi I hope this acrylic painting doesn't make you feel too cold! Helen

kiddolucas lee 03 Mar 2019

Yang Stonepillars Waterfall Forest 2019

Erik Ross 03 Mar 2019