18 February, 2019

Inappropriate images

There were some inappropriate images uploaded today. I'm wondering when we will get the button to report such images? In the past I have reported such images to AWsupport, but it would be so convenient if we just would have to click a button. Ofcourse it would be the best if AW would look at new uploads every day, it's not that there are hundreds each day.



ArtWanted.com Staff 18 Feb 2019

Thanks for the note. We have removed the images in question and informed the member that this is not acceptable on ArtWanted. We should have the "report to staff" button by the end of the month.

Anneke Hut 19 Feb 2019

That would be very nice! Thank you, AW!

Mark Peterson 19 Feb 2019

I know what you are saying Anneke... and I too want that report button. I know when we have to contact staff it can take some time, but this is no place to have those kinds of images for very long at all... Not all of us are adult here and kids are here all the time and post their work too. This is not the place for nudes in that style because of the kids... The report button would be so much faster. I have posted a few myself that might be questionable for Art wanted policy but never out right nude photo's. Only art in tasteful manner. All subjective isn't it? Thanks for bringing it to attention.

ArtWanted.com Staff 05 Mar 2019

The new "Report Image to Staff" feature is now live. If you see any images on ArtWanted that you feel violate our terms, just click the new button to report the image to our staff to review it. Images with two member report actions will be hidden from the site until they are reviewed by our staff.

Anneke Hut 05 Mar 2019

That's great, thank you very much!!

Joanie Holliday 17 Jul 2019

Since I use my phone most of the time for AW I DON'T HAVE THIS ICON OR THE OTHERS. It would be great to be able to to use them for this and for favorites etc.

Bokehen Photography 09 Aug 2019

Although a new option may have been added, it up to AW to decide if the image needs to be removed. it's done this way so that even if the image isn't objectionable someone could report it and attempt to have any image removed simply because they don't like it. I've encountered this while on deviant art. You may report the images/art but deviant art's view is "freedom of speech" etc. So let's keep an open mind when reporting art/photographs. As what might be objectionable to you, may not be to someone else.

Along these same lines, "cartoonish" or "anime" art should be restricted from this site as this has no barring on a professional artwork site like ArtWanted. I think these accounts should be reported and removed. furthermore. art should be checked and approved as my account was a few days ago. I think there should be an age limit as to whom can join this site and display their work. there's a difference between art/photographs and just scribbling on paper. Perhaps a voting system should be implemented that allows true artist to vote new members in who display talent and not junk. In essence, this could jeopardize my account if my images are not deemed acceptable by the art community. So yes it's a double edge sword.

Mark Peterson 11 Aug 2019

You are being too judging and this site is not about that... yes I agree a lot of bad art is here but everyone has the right to express whether you think it is good or not. I do agree there should be age limits...but kids have just as much right as us adults and although much younger they still deserve respect and a place they can feel proud and good about themselves.