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11 August, 2019
  • Mark Peterson

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You are being too judging and this site is not about that... yes I agree a lot of bad art is here but everyone has the right to express whether you think it is good or not. I do agree there should be age limits...but kids have just as much right as us adults and although much younger they still deserve respect and a place they can feel proud and good about themselves.

18 February, 2019
  • Anneke Hut
  • 18 Feb 2019

Original Post: Inappropriate images

There were some inappropriate images uploaded today. I'm wondering when we will get the button to report such images? In the past I have reported such images to AWsupport, but it would be so convenient if we just would have to click a button. Ofcourse it would be the best if AW would look at new uploads every day, it's not that there are hundreds each day.