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Neeraj Parswal 15 Jan 2019

This is my original acrylic painting on canvas, a 100% handcrafted artwork titled as " Colors and Shadows". The world is full of diversities and similarities, it is our our "Frame of Reference" how we look the world and cultures.The culture is the only force which integrate us as "ONE"........Just move forward a step ahead. Amen Mrs Neeraj- India

Bill Lishinski 15 Jan 2019

Natalie Eckman 15 Jan 2019

Diversity brings all cultures together.

Jenny Willis 17 Jan 2019

Mine is on Canada, and I call it we stand on guard for thee. A maple leaf and Anne of green gables

maya rodriguez 15 Jan 2019

The name of my artwork is Many Branches One Tree

Aleksandr Klyuyanov 15 Jan 2019

Ukraine. Keeper Of the Time

Daniela Isache 23 Jan 2019

I am Daniela Isache, Expressionist painter from Romania. My e-mail; [email protected] I post to the Theme - WORLD CULTURE, my painting "Romanian Pot" oil on canvas, 95 x 60 cm, because Romanian pots resemble to the shape of a woman.

Ingrid Kolster 28 Jan 2019

A quick sketch of Icod in the flag decoration and Mount Teide in Tenerife.

Aldo Marano 21 Jan 2019

Perspective digital painting. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand low tide view from the end of a long tail boat.

ammulu Swapna 18 Jan 2019

Save environment...????