02 December, 2018

Even though we still have access to the "old" site, are there any features that you miss?

I had forgotten about the rating system...I thought that was kind of fun and helpful.



Mark Peterson 03 Dec 2018

What is the rating system? I was here years ago but do not remember.

Bethany Jackson 04 Dec 2018

Down underneath your images there were little blue hyperlink type numbers, and who ever was veiwing your pictures could click on a scale of one to ten how "quality" they thought your work was. I like stuff like that, because it seems to me that people always like the works that I don't ever expect. Then I can start to pinpoint patterns of what people seem to enjoy, because apparently, I'm clueless (haha). If you go to your old members page, go to portfolio statistics, and then up at the top you have the choice of how to sort them: date, veiws, and then I think it's called either "rating" or "ranking".

Mark Peterson 04 Dec 2018

Thanks Bethany... I went there but see nothing about rating or ranking. Everything else I can see though.

Bethany Jackson 05 Dec 2018

Weird. Well, thanks for replying anyway!

marie-claire gallet 05 Dec 2018

I miss the Pic of the Day and the view to the other members' comments. I would also like if the comments should be not so spread on the page under the picture. I also would like the grey writing to be replaced by black as it is not very easy to read § That's all !! Kind regards, Marie-Claire Gallet

Bethany Jackson 06 Dec 2018

I forgot about the Pic of the Day!

Sharon LeAnne Miller 06 Jan 2019

I do miss the old members section where the artist's drawings were rated and numbers posted as cumulatively calculated to show which works were shown to be the most liked for each month. This actually helped me personally as an artist figure out the favorite type of subjects my followers and fans liked and preferred to view (and some commissioned and bought!) As a professional artist this type of rating system helps beginners to learn which subjects and images may be their strongest and weakest areas and help them to learn to better work on and develop stronger and better work, dedication and improvement work on. thereby creating them to be and become stronger andmore confident artists. I know it definitely helped me in those ways.

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Jan 2019

We appreciate your feedback and comments of what you liked on the old site. We will continue to improve the new site and bring back features that are missed by many of our members.

As an example, we just re-launched the "Pic of the Day" gallery, mostly from the comments in this thread. Here is a link to learn more about it and start using it again. Thanks for your feedback everyone!


RQ Trietsch 23 Jan 2019

If I recall correctly, "The Pic of The Day" was something Sher Richardson did to get more members to help artists and for them to get more recognition. The "rating" system became a battle ground with members getting mad for bad ratings, "non" schooled artists etc. Which eventually led to AW giving the artist the ability to block critics. Which a lot of "Premimum" members did to "free" members. Yup...I've been here for a day or two.

jennifer blenkinsopp 01 Feb 2019

I have not been on artwanted for a long time. Came on to view my old art. I miss the critic section. I think there are lot of new artists that like a opininion on thier art. It helps artists to grow. I do not know why it was removed.

Vincent von Frese 02 Feb 2019

I was looking for the “groups” to assign work to for example “wall murals” and could not find them.

Sharon LeAnne Miller 02 Feb 2019

Another section that I felt a lot of artists benefitted from (as well as myself--as I was recruited for a professional job that way!, --was the classified/jobs to fill section. When this new site was opened and at full function for use again, that was one section I definitely failed to find was transferred or even still listed on this new site. It would be awesome to include a new jobs-classified section again.