28 November, 2018

Safe/not safe

I noticed that the lock in the url bar has disappeared when I go to ArtWanted from the Art Watch Report. If I just directly go to the site, the lock is there. I am not happy with the unsafe link. It is not my gmail, because I have never had this before. I would like to know if more people have this and if something can be done about it.



ArtWanted.com Staff 29 Nov 2018

Anneke - ArtWanted allows both HTTP and HTTPS (secure) traffic to our website. Depending on the link you click on, or how you visit ArtWanted, you may be taken to the old or new (secure) pages. All of the password required areas and payment areas of ArtWanted, will force the user to the secure URLs.

We expect that by the end of the year, we will be forcing all traffic to the secure (padlock) pages automatically. However, if you ever land on a page that does not have the padlock, you can just add "https://" in front of the www.artwanted.com website link, and the page will have increased security.

Anneke Hut 29 Nov 2018

OK, thank you very much!

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Dec 2018

We wanted to inform you (and all other members) that we are now forwarding all insecure pages/links to the corresponding secure link, so now ALL pages are secure on ArtWanted and the older (non-secure) pages are no longer accessible.