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Emma R 18 Nov 2018

"Nature Man"

Karina Ishkhanova 17 Nov 2018

"The Initiation Of Iris", 18"x12" , Watercolour Thought of it as a draft for the larger detailed 'realistic' work. Until something curious happened. It was sitting on the easel in front of our couch for few weeks. One day, I moved the easel out. Right that evening we realized how much we miss this work. It's flow, delicate warm colours, ambiguous landscape lines and figures. We brought it back, graced with the glass floating frame and it became the unique artwork in its one right.

jaime huerta @huemulin 19 Nov 2018


ammulu Swapna 17 Nov 2018

Portrait in black water color and oil paint..!

Keith J. Eldridge 18 Nov 2018

This is my healing art called "Treat Me Right". It represents all of our rights to be treated with love and kindness and to never be harmed. The music in the design is my own composition.