28 September, 2018

Sailing boats- and ship paintings

I started up a new group : Sailingboats and sailingships paintings (http://artwanted.com/Sailing). Sailing is a popular item by many painters, so why don't you join but please no digital paintings or photos



Mark Peterson 28 Sep 2018

No digital etc... rather kind of rude don't you think? I am all digital and much of my work is better than oil, acrylics or whatever. Too many traditional artist are not seeing technology for what it is and for what it can do to their work. This is not 1925 it is 2018... much different now!

Ivo Depauw 29 Sep 2018

You made your own group man, and you are sure your work is better than that of traditional painters, so what do you have to complain ?

Mark Peterson 29 Sep 2018

It's just the way you said it... it sounded demeaning to digital artist, or perhaps this is just the way I took it.

Mark Peterson 01 Oct 2018

Perhaps I said some things the wrong way too Ivo.... I actually value the experience of traditional artist and envy them for what they can do that I myself have tried and am unable to do near as well.

Ivo Depauw 02 Oct 2018

No hard feelings Mark, you do very well in your style, for commercial spots and publicity it's great. Years ago I started myself with the first generation of drawing-programs