10 June, 2018

Seeking Artist for Creative Art Concepts

I am creating a start up company. We are looking for artist that create custom designs made for All Over Printing. We will be catering to mainly people that have interest in pop culture, edm, and anime. So I am looking for creative individuals that think outside the box. The current pay structure for each item will be based upon the actual sales of your artwork. If you make 5 sales of your all over design you will be paid out $50 Dollars. When you reach 10 sales you will be paid out an additional $50. Once you have reached 10 sales your art will be thrown into a collection with your name on it. Once that happens you will make a residual of 2.00 from each sale that will disbursed at the end of every month. Please comment in the section or email me at wesellrandomshirts@gmail.com



Fred Rousseau 9 days ago

Send more detailed info on the designs/art wanted to agae7777@gmail.com.