16 April, 2018
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Voting is On!

We have now entered the voting phase for the Artist Playing Card project! All members of ArtWanted are invited and encouraged to review the animal artwork submitted for this project and vote on your favorites.

How to Vote?

First, visit our voting page. You will be shown a random image and asked to rate that artwork from 1-5 stars (higher being better). If you wish, you can also type in an optional artwork comment for the artist while rating. After voting, you will be shown another image to vote on. You can vote for as many images as you like. Each vote you make also adds Activity Points to your account as well.

Voting will be open on the Animals artwork for two weeks and will end on April 30th. Voting for the other playing card deck (Fantasy/Sci-Fi) will happen in May.

Choosing Final Artists

There will be 54 different artists chosen for this animal deck. The artwork with the highest rating will be chosen to be included in the final product. If an artist has two images that qualify, only one of those images will be selected to allow additional artists to be included.

We have seen some amazing artwork submitted for this project. We apologize that not all artists can be included in the final selection. We hope this project is a success and we can create many more decks and have more opportunities for artists to participate.

Winners Info

Qualifying winners of this contest will be notified within the first few weeks of May. Those artists will need to confirm they want to participate in the playing card project. We will also ask these artists for additional information for the project and be required to sign a short artwork release statement. If there are artists that do not fill out all the required information, they will not be included with the project and we will allow other artists to participate, based on their artwork rating.

Cast Your Vote Now!

Here is the link to get started and to rate the artwork that has been submitted for this project. Good luck to everyone!



1 Comment

ArtWanted.com Staff 30 Apr 2018

Just a quick reminder that today is the LAST DAY to vote on the ANIMAL artwork for the Playing Card Project. Voting for the Fantasy/Sci-Fi artwork will start on May 15th.

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