11 October, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Artist Card Project - Survey

ArtWanted.com is always looking for more ways to promote our artist/photographer members. We are considering a new art card project and we would love to get your feedback in a brief survey.

The idea is to create one (or more) artist card sets, with each card in the deck featuring a different artist from ArtWanted. The cards would be professionally printed and be the size of traditional sports cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). Please take a minute to fill out our brief survey on this project. Survey Link:




Al Budarin 15 Oct 2017

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Ian Richard Laws 20 Oct 2017

I think this is a great idea what would be of great interest to me would be being able to order a set of my own artworks that I have chosen to go on the cards as they would be really useful when you have an exhibition for people to take away or to just give to people who are interested in your work.

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Oct 2017

Thanks for your reply Ian. As we research this project further, we expect to present several options to our members if they would like to print their own set of cards in a low volume.

rodney ashline 25 Oct 2017

ohhh that is pretty nice work as for me

B a r b a r a Schneider 29 Oct 2017

Good IDEA!

Ginger Olansen 01 Nov 2017

I think it is a fantastic idea, we would all love them. When will they be ready? Will people get them awarded as an option for the winner in a contest too?

Melanie logan 09 Nov 2017

I think that this is a positve move .....crafters buy designs to produce home made cards and many of the public purchase cards on line...I personally sell my cards and designs....perhaps thought could be given to the method that companies like moonpig etc do theirs...it could be a valuble asset to the site

Nancy Jeresko 03 Dec 2017


Joanie Holliday 08 Jan 2018

Who picks the art pictures, who pays for them and who and how do you get them. Guess I don't quite understand all that is going into this project.

ArtWanted.com Staff 09 Jan 2018

Joanie - All of the details have not been finalized for this project yet, it was just a survey to determine if there was an interest or not. If we decide to go ahead with the program, we will release all of the details and answer any questions that any member has about this.

Lynn Bartholomew 29 Jan 2018

I did some Christmas Cards a while back. I'm interested in more information

ArtWanted.com Staff 09 Mar 2018

Thanks to everyone that filled out our art card survey over the last few months, we gathered a lot of great information and suggestions from you. We have also be doing our own research into different options and we are happy to say that we will have an announcement next week with the next step in this idea. Stay tuned!