19 April, 2017


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Joanie Holliday 19 Apr 2017


Yury Yanin 19 Apr 2017

It is an all time battle against spam. The staff seems to be more successful in it then in previous times, when even some criminals tried to use this site for promotion of their illegal services. It is good that the staff pays some attention to that lately and we surely should help them with such signals about spam. That is why I vote this idea up. On the other hand I understand that it can be difficult sometimes to detect, for example, a mere spam from the graphic art, aplied to promotional advertisements. Automatic spam filters can not do that all the time in all cases, and it is a time consuming job for the staff.. I can only hope for the staff efforts and wish them patience and luck here.

ArtWanted.com Staff 20 Apr 2017

Thanks for posting your idea, we thought we would chime in on this one...

Commercial accounts and advertisements are not allowed on ArtWanted. In fact, you will notice that in our 18 year history, we have never even allowed paid banner advertising from 3rd party advertisers on our website, because we felt that that would clutter and detract from the look and feel of the site.

Every day there are dozens of new accounts created by spammers to advertise products/services for other websites. These are done by different names, email addresses and IP addresses, so they are very hard to block in advance. When we see these images and accounts, we delete them immediately. Almost every day we review the artwork that is uploaded and delete the advertisements and commercial accounts that we see.

As we don't review each image before it's posted, there will always be images posted that are commercial in nature or that do not meet our guidelines, but when we see them, we will delete them.

This being said, there is still more that we could probably to detect and remove accounts before they plaster their ads on the site. We could have a review process before the 1st image of any new account is allowed to be shown or other ideas.

Bottom line, this idea by Joanie is a good one and we encourage others to vote for it. The more votes it gets, the higher the priority will be to reduce commercial ads on ArtWanted faster. Thanks.

Yury Yanin 22 Apr 2017

3 new fake accounts for today as far. They can be detected by the following features: only 1 pic in the portfolio, phone number and advertisement in the bio section.

Yury Yanin 22 Apr 2017

... And one more - Rowenta Cote - among the "new artist" section on the "browse" page... (Autorney again...)

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Apr 2017

Yep, as soon as we saw them, they were deleted. Thanks.

Yury Yanin 24 Apr 2017

ONE MORE IDEA FOR THE STAFF: may be it could be useful to make a special constant sectrion on the discussion board or wherever convenient for SIGNALS and NOTES of AW members about a SPAM and un appropriate content. It will be easy for the staff to look into that section from time to time and to delete all spam, noticed by members.

Yury Yanin 29 Apr 2017

Good morning staff! Mashua Resinic - one more atorney to day! Sorry for bad news. Be sure I am not happy that we can not overcome this problem.

I do not see why your own ideas or mine can not work. May be they should be developed and applyed more consistently. For example, acordingly to your own idea, you can announce that the first image from every new AW member you need for techni9cal purposes, and a new artist gallery can be started with all artworks after you evaluate the first artwork and receive the second one only

And once more my idea - a separate, constant special place were AW members can write and you can read signals of spam, complains about a wrong content and other urgent problems.

ArtWanted.com Staff 29 Apr 2017

Yury - Any of our ideas can be implemented. However, we have many different things we are working on for the website, so we have to choose what is the top priority to work on. This is one of the purposes of the idea board. The more votes this idea gets, the more attention we can put on it. Until then, we will just delete the commercial ads as we see them.

Yury Yanin 30 Apr 2017

OK, hop[ng for farther more urgent improvements....

Yury Yanin 03 May 2017

...Hoping for future improvements, we have McClean Locksmith adverticement for to day. And again only one image in the new gallery by Fay Goodall. Frankly, I've never seen an art site, which actually publishes so many commercial adverticements and other spam of this kind (willingly or unwillingely).

ArtWanted.com Staff 03 May 2017

These images and accounts were deleted as soon as we saw them and there were many more that you didn't notice in the last 24 hours that we have also deleted.

Again, we are not publishing or promoting these advertisers. These are fake accounts pretending to be artists that come from different names, email addresses and IP addresses, so it's impossible to block them before they post something, as our system doesn't know if it's a real artist or a fake one trying to post an ad.

We don't know why ArtWanted has been targeted for these spammers, besides the fact that they want to try to benefit from some of the traffic the website receives.

To anyone reason this post, if you want to see tighter controls in place for new accounts, vote up this idea.

Yury Yanin 04 May 2017

Springfield Locksmith foe to day.

Yury Yanin 05 May 2017

Today it is locksmith Balair. And among new members: Chalmers Hogue, David Latimer, Laura Mullins. They are all LOCKSMITHS. Never thought that locksmiths need so much promotion on ART SITEs and that they are so rich to pay their money for it!

Dear staff, I do not say that you want to advertise that spam. I say that inspite of your will and efforts AW still is the only art site, publishing so much spam. Probably a lot of spammers started to list AW as available target in the time, when AW was neglected by its former staff. Now you have to pay more efforts to discourage them and to exclude AW from their automatic post lists. You ask weather we want a more tough policy against spammers? I do, but our opinion doesn't matter too much this time. Matters your opinion and your actual effective operations against spam. I just offer you to be more logical in realisation of your own ideas - for instance not to publish the first image from a new member, until you receive the second one.

I also think that AW needs a better automatic spam filter and there you could use as KEY WORDS: "ATTORNEY", "LOCKSMITH" and may be some other.

Yury Yanin 09 May 2017

A new member Chris Jones adds AD's today... he is some marketing manager somewhere, it is his job, not some mere ART... I understand that I am the only one left in this thread, and may be I seem far too stuborn and boring here... in the best case.... I just try to show how many Ad's people may see when visiting AW home page from time to time....

Joanie Holliday 09 May 2017

Looks like they just are not going to stop... Just pass over them. I pay no attention to them. So as for me they are just wasting their time posting this junk ads on our AW...

Yury Yanin 26 Jul 2017

At last! Have not seen them for so long... but today:

Sara Liebe advertises swimming dress. Pictures of girls in bikini are so small that almost invisible on the screen. No art.

Anna Kylik (Slavonic family name meaning Snipe) showed rather attractive still life picture, but the shown dishes aren’t her artwork. She advertises Ukrainian on line shop and web site http//:fama.ua/ Katalog/ Podarki (Katalog – non correct Catalog, Podarki – Presents)

Ranefox 12 Aug 2017

"Bottom line, this idea by Joanie is a good one and we encourage others to vote for it. The more votes it gets, the higher the priority will be to reduce commercial ads on ArtWanted faster. Thanks."

I'm not seeing the idea that Joanie provided, other than her comment that we should get rid of this type of spamming...can you quote her comment so it's more visible. That would garner more votes.

I feel that when something imminent comes up, like spammed accounts being created, AW needs to do something without waiting for us to comment. Personally, I'm not on this site very often, and haven't been plagued with any spam accounts.

The idea board is to generate, well, ideas! And a great way to network, share etc, with other artists. However, when there is an issue that needs direct attention, waiting for enough votes before something is done to correct or address the issue, it not acceptable.

There are ways to minimize the way spam accounts are created, so ask the tech folks...widgets, certain code, etc.

Yury Yanin 12 Nov 2017

I partly agree with RANEFOX, partly not. It is evident that only the AW staff can and must take effective measures against spam. On the other hand, the AW staff has a lot of other job and can miss spam sometimes., So I do not see why AW members mustn't help the staff, signalling them about spam?

NOW here you are my signal: today a very kind man who called himself "kevin org^any" recommends us to use some specially good soap called "Titan". I'd rather offer the staffr to close such accounts from the very beggining, because they sound suspicious. The name "kevin org^any" doesn't sem to be a human name, as if it is a name for some bot number 13 or a monster. Why shouldn't the AW staff just ask new AW member aplicants more specifically about their names, jobs, goals, artistic styles,etc?. ...Why can not you activate their accounts only after they submited some artwork? As far it is better for AW members not to follow such reecommendations, given on their ARTISTIC site, and to decide themselves which soap to use... or to eat...

Ginger Olansen 12 Nov 2017

I think in the past 21 days AW has been hacked from Canada? Possibly? Here is a list of non-art showing on the artists portfolio page 1: 1. Sun Valley Painting, Canada, 2. Live Casino, Mark Duffy, 3, Whitlerauto Motive 577, Canada, 4. Education Society Society, Canada, 5, Harry Thompson Las Vegas ad, 6. Constatine La, shows "test", 7, Ben Tarnow, Canadian, 8. Artweall ? go in to it fishy, 9. Fabian Taylor was a lawyer a few weeks ago but now word "lawyer" removed, 10. Terry Smith ad for casino, 11. Rodney Ashine, Keep Calm, ad says write an essay, 12 Cambell Company (statistics), This all came in since the past 21 days ago. This is serious, if you let it go on we will have all ads. They must have found a way to get in the program because I am sure you have ways to prevent this built in to the program. Is all our information in view for them? Please let us know what happened in future please! Many are worried!

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