19 March, 2017

Sales Information

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I have been a member of another artist host site for many years and they post, daily, pictures of everything that has sold the day before. This gives you an idea as to what is selling and in what form, print, tee shirt, etc.. I think it would be great to see the same thing here.



Rhonda Barrett 15 Mar 2019

I think that's an awesome idea! I think I am a member of the same website you are talking about and that is the first place I check everyday to see what the trend is. It's really helpful!

Bowman Keath 28 Apr 2019

Agree with this suggestion. I am still assessing how, what to attempt to sell here. For me, to understand what has worked well for others, would be quite valuable.

There are so many great works on this site. To know what buyers are currently seeking, and in what format(s), would provide added value.

HkT 08 Feb 2020

Great idea. That would be so useful. Thanks

Ginger Olansen 16 Feb 2020

That sounds Interesting. Do you mean show everything sold: paintings, drawings, photos, other, etc. I would think that might double the site? What might be a good start to list categories sold and list a number amount rather than showing each picture.