09 February, 2017
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Seniors on Social Security

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How about a discounted rate for seniors for a premium membership ? I barely receive a little more than than a welfare recipient



Ginger Olansen 26 Oct 2017

I think its a great idea,

Adelle John 20 Jan 2018

I am on SSA disability but honestly this site is so much cheaper than so many of the other ones as far as the main premium membership goes. I dont know what the price of adding a priemium website is but I didnt think I could afford that so maybe if you discounted the add on of premium website I might do that. As I really cant afford a lot more than I am paying. I wish I made more on sales here but I did sell a couple calendars that is fun. I am going to sell a few more I know too. If I sold more I might buy the webiste too. I think the thing I would like ArtWanted to do rather than discount our membership is for them to work harder on their end to promote this site and get it looked at more by potentual buyers, perhaps adding a different membership status for galleries and art collectors and and those who are interested in purchasing art. To make the site active for both artists and on the other hand art collectors and people interested in buying and promoting art and artists. That might increase our sales and then in doing so make it easier for members who are on disability or retirement to purchase memberships. I would like to sell more and I am going to be trying to promote my webiste but it is not easy for me to do as I am not a very shrewd business woman, I am in fact a horrid busniess woman...I am an artist, not a business woman!

Dale Newman 11 Jun 2018

This is a great idea

Fred Rousseau 08 Jul 2018

Yes,there is actually a lot said in this comment.The marketers of this unique website of ArtWanted could take it out there on the Big Net and literally present the website to Art Dealers,Collectors and Curators of Museums etc.Once the website has been more aggressively marketed to them they would visit the site more often.Keep up the cool work you're doing ArtWanted Staff...and not forgetting to say a huge thank you to all of you.Many blessings to you and your families.

Ron Bedsole 04 Apr 2019

in most cases I'm for anything that will help those on social security (for I also am receiving social security), but the cost for premium membership is a mere $5.00 dollars. I think that is plenty generous of artwanted, even to get your own website is only $10.00, at least I think it still is. I think it would be unfair to ask them to reduce those prices, in my humble opinion anyway.