15 January, 2017
  • Al Budarin
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Anonymous Artwork Comments

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In the past few weeks I noticed I & some other members received anonymous comments (compliments) on our artwork,would it be possible to identify as to who posted it?



ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Jan 2017

Al - There is not currently a way to identify an anonymous person making a comment, because if we knew who they were, we would add their name/info next to the comment. Anonymous visitors are those that are not logged in and that our staff does not know who they are.

This being said, we could still make improvements to this area of our site. For example, we could ask for the persons name and e-mail address when posting a comment, so that could be recorded next to the comment.

Vote for this idea if you would like to see improvements to the anonymous comment feature and share your own comments on this idea on other thoughts you have about this subject.

Yury Yanin 16 Jan 2017

I think that the most important aspect here is to attract as much attention of as many people as we can to our artworks. From this point of view it could be wise to allow all AW visitors and members to comment personaly or ananimously. The staff may recommend AW visitors to sign their comments or may be even to send their address to the staff, but we should leave them an opportunity to comment ananimously when they choose so. As some people can be shy to sign up for different reasons, ananimous option can increase the general number of comments and visitors. And we can delete unpleasant comment any way.

Ranefox 19 Dec 2017

As I stated in the 'spam comments' post:

"One way to prevent the auto guest post is, 1- prevent auto guest posting by requiring the artist to create an account, in turn, have said artist submit a number of artwork pieces before they can comment on other work.

2- moderate all comments, this delays the appearance of the comment."

The #1 opt worked well at a writing website where I'm a member. We could not comment on someone's writing until we submitted five posts of our own. Then, we had to wait 7 days before commenting/replying to comments/critiques on our own writing.

Perhaps this can be arranged somehow.

I'm sure there are many of us here, that would help 'volunteer' to ensure our website here is safe.