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25 March, 2020
  • Fred Rousseau

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Dear Member.I have also lost one of my sons.In my paintings you will find passion,love for flora and fauna,nature and my Creator.You will also find my love for my Creator,my family and friends,my community.You will also find my grief,my pains,my suffering but also my joys and interest,my happinesss.JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!

16 January, 2020
  • Mandy Thomas
  • 16 Jan 2020

Original Post: Thank you to everyone here at Artwanted for easing my pain

I've been a member for some years now and I must say, on those days where I am unable to leave the house this place has been my healing zone. It wakes up my mind and imagination, it fills me with ideas whilst distracting me from reality. On looking at so many wonderful works of art on here it also reminds me of my youth and the styles I used to do back then. I forgot about so many drawings I had done as a child. Today has brought back memories and pictures I had completely forgotten. We live in an era now where everything is logged. Made me think of the millions of pieces of art worldwide lost because they had no way of being recorded. ARTWANTED is a magical place I wish more people would join and share. The attached painting is of my son Daniel, who is no longer with us. His smile lives on in our hearts