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23 January, 2009

Best wishes for 2009

Wishing all *PEIXEIRAS* members a wonderful and creative 2009, in which spacious dreams and unexpected miracles may come true! May LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and HOPE be with you today, tomorrow and always. HOW IS ARMANDO DOING??? Love and Light~OL...

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22 August, 2008


Hello members, I created a video yesterday with the first leg of the participants and I posted at Youtube. Check it out. Enjoy!

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18 August, 2008

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Just noticed two of my cartoons have sneaked into the images. Sorry friends, they are not relevant to the theme!

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06 August, 2008

About theme

Hi, Peter. I already saw you as new member on "Peixeiras". I think you didn't read the info and guidelines. It's about a PARTICULAR subject and your splendid work doesn't match. I'll be happy if you want to participate in the challenge....

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