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28 July, 2008

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Hi, Peter.

I already saw you as new member on "Peixeiras". I think you didn't read the info and guidelines. It's about a PARTICULAR subject and your splendid work doesn't match.

I'll be happy if you want to participate in the challenge.


Pamela Davidson 28 Jul 2008

Hi Armando, this was a brilliant idea!! (shhh artist at work) back soon!

Nikolay Pavlushko 28 Jul 2008

Hello Armando, My wife Izabella told me so much about peixeiras and your wonderful idea that I decided to post my work. And although I am out of challenge just wanted to make my little contribution.

Olga van Dijk 28 Jul 2008

Good to be her at the ARMANDO's Group (is easier than PEIXEIRAS!) I'll download my picture RIGHT NOW! Keep up the good working boys and girls... (12?)

Armando Salas 28 Jul 2008

Yes, Olga: 12 girls and 6 bigamous guys :-)))

Anneke Hut 28 Jul 2008

Hi Armando, I love your group! I have joined and posted my picture. :)

Sorry, I'm a little late, I'm having holidays.


Armando Salas 28 Jul 2008

You're more than welcome, dear Anneke. About holidays, don't worry, be happy and if you drink don't drive :-)

Anneke Hut 29 Jul 2008

Ha ha I do NEVER drink, but drive a lot!!

It's a real joy to see the beautiful gallery, I can't wait to see the others.

Have a great time everybody!

Roy Boobyer 30 Jul 2008

Finished my break now Armando and joined as requested. Second break coming up in 20 minutes! ( Off to the pub for a cool Belgian beer:o))))

Olga van Dijk 30 Jul 2008

What about a DUTCH beer instead Roy (Grolsch or Heineken!?)

I love your version of this challenge by the way!

Have a great one! Love and Light~OLGA

Armando Salas 30 Jul 2008

I only smoke Winston and drink Dutch beer. I only like blondes, brunettes, redhairs, teenagers, matures, singles, housewives and grandmothers.

Armando Salas 30 Jul 2008

Hey, Roy. The Spanish word for PUB is TASCA :-)

carrie holst 06 Aug 2008

I'll get started on my peixie as soon as I finish a beer made in Oregon. :)