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25 November, 2011

How do you sell digital art?

Is there anybody who could mentor me and teach me how to make good money selling digital art on the Internet? Who buys art digitally?how do they pay for it? How do you make digital files protected against downloads, so that you can e-mail the file...

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24 July, 2011

Favorite software?

What's your favorite art software? For digitally painting my favorite due to ease of use, tutorials, and support is Corel's Painter series. I started with Painter Classic and fell in love with it. Over the next several years I upgraded as the produc...

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17 April, 2011


I love the many varities and was you can digitally paint! So many styles available, and more art software keeps coming out and upgrading to better quality all the time. I think that digital painting is going to become a huge filed over the next few ...

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