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22 June, 2012

Introductions :)

Hi all, welcome to the Fantasy Connection! I am very very excited to see where this group goes.....with so man awesome and fantastic fantasy artists here on ArtWanted I know this group will be rockin' in no time! I am Leah Jaarveth, I have been a me...

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21 June, 2011

Your Favorite Fantasy Creature

The realm of fantasy is so amazing because the imagination is the limit! Just for fun I thought it would be cool to hear everyones favorite fantasy creature, you can list your top 3 favorites :) Lets see ok my number one favorite is of course th...

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17 June, 2009

Hi, everybody!

I am a new member here and I brought a few fantasy paintings. I hope you'll enjoy them. Nandor

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13 February, 2009

just posted some new ones

Well actually they are new here at Fantasy Connection.....hope to post more this weekend. A Troll (Warcraft), an Undead Rider (Warcraft),a big red Devil, and not quite so happy Dragon.So be fair warned puny mortals...hahahahaha...OK I got to cut back...

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05 October, 2008

Tips, help, Questions and Answers

I wanted to make an area where we can come together and share artistic tips, ask questions and get help and answers, anything that helps an artist take their next step! Art is such a fantastic way to celebrate life! Live, love and share!...

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16 July, 2008

Nice, but...

It looks a nice group to join, but if i try to upload an image it sends me to the page where i upload images to my gallery. What i want to do instead is to upload here images that are already in my gallery... what am i doing wrong?...

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