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01 October, 2008

Your Favorite Fantasy Creature

The realm of fantasy is so amazing because the imagination is the limit! Just for fun I thought it would be cool to hear everyones favorite fantasy creature, you can list your top 3 favorites :)

Lets see ok my number one favorite is of course the unicorn, second would have to be mermaids and third would have to be dragons ;)

ok your turn :)


Brenda Cumming 02 Oct 2008

I am boring really, my choice would be, fairies mermaids and perhaps pixies because they are a bit naughty !

Diana Buhigas 12 Dec 2008

I absolutely have in prime time DRAGONS! then closely followed by the uber beautiful elves and third ones but come the winged humanoids (as far as they are sexy, male and have wings.... lol... and don't matter if they have demonic or angelic wings)

tazda lawson 13 Feb 2009

Well Dragons of course, little goblins, and users of magic.

Mary Chappel 02 Jan 2010

How can I possibly pick a favorite? Hmm?....I can narrow it down to some of my top favorites.

1. Magicians/Wizards

2. Good Vampires-(like Scathach(The Alchemyst) or Simon(City of Ashes))

3.Fairies or any of the Fair Folk in general

and well of course saytyrs, centuars, dragons, werewolves, djinn, driads, nymphs, gnomes, unicorns, elves, and especially humans with powers that make them superhuman, angelic, or god-like.