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I could not decide whether to call this group Applied Art or Functional Art. I know that in North America, where I live, functional seems to be the usual choice whereas in the U.K. applied is the norm. Statistics tell me that significantly more searches are made for Applied Art than Functional Art. So "Applied" must be well understood by many people. I suppose the concept is that the artistry is applied to some object with a function (functional art?). Rather than the artist using their art in a purely decorative manner and simply putting it on a wall. (fine art?) Anyway I came up with the ideal solution to the dilemma: Applied and Functional Art.... Perfect. I know there are other ArtWanted Artists making Applied and Functional art, I have caught glimpses of them. So whether you consider yourself to be functioning as an Applied Artist or applying yourself to Functional Art, this is the group for you. Perhaps together we can make a splash and get some attention. Of course I understand that photographs and paintings function well to fill empty spaces on walls and that jewelry when applied to the body functions to decorate and glamorize. However, you folks have your own groups so please leave this one to the teapot and chess set crowd, oh yes and vases!
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