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I wrote a simple sentence containing the word "challenge". To start a new artistic challenge wasn't my intention but the warrior women :-) Trixi Jahn and Anneke Hut took their weapons to fight. So fast and bellicose girls!!! :-) While exploring new techniques and as a part of my artistic development, I made several drawings in 1972 about fantasy, sci-fi and myths of terror. Black and white drawings, brush and india ink and few of them by using only a piece of sponge and india ink. Well, the challenge starts officially. Your paintings and drawings must be done by using the sponge as main tool. Brushes are allowed for details but the use of only sponge is preferable. Oil, watercolor, acrilyc, ink... what do you prefer? I'll start a new GROUP GALLERY to show all of your works. I'll not be around on a daily basis because of personal issues but I'll be the Big Brother for sure :-) Good luck!

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