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A group for your image with predominantly WHITE colour. Guidelines 1] Image MUST show 80% or more of the colour WHITE 2] All mediums are welcome 3] All styles are welcome 4] Most subject matters are welcome, except for the following 5] No artwork depicting mature content of any kind. No artwork depicting discrimination of any kind. No artwork depicting violence of any kind and no inclusion of guns of any kind. No contraversial artwork of any kind. 6] Adhere to all ArtWanted Rules 7] Comment on the artworks submitted to this group 8] Participate in group's activities & competitions - Check out new postings under the POST SECTION in this group for details. 9] Have fun creating artwork for this group and sharing it with the other members ______________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS FOR THIS GROUP: * * * May 21, 2009 * * * My name is Lynn and I am pleased to be the new administrator of this Artist Group - WHITE Mariaan Krog originally created this wonderful Artist Group, for the possibilities of WHITE artwork are endless. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Any comments, questions, and suggestions can be addressed Through new topics below or By emailing me at [email protected]

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